Thursday, Jan. 10

Who would have thought that David Lynch could appeal to the masses? Perhaps best known for his enigmatic “Twin Peaks” television series, Lynch has always skirted the line between originality and incomprehensibility. But Lynch’s latest offering, “Mulholland Drive,” seems to have wooed audiences and critics alike – receiving four Golden Globe nominations. See it in Campbell Hall tonight at 7:30. If the thought of hours of inevitable post-Lynch analysis hurts your brain, a mellow evening of jazz with the Nate Birkey Quintet might be the perfect cure. They are playing tonight at SOhO.

Friday, Jan. 11

So you’ve made it through the first week of classes. We think you need to let your hair down. Hardcore rockers The Icarus Line can start your weekend off right with eardrum-popping acoustics and a healthy dose of wanton destruction. The Icarus Line is known for its manic live performances, which often leave band members bruised and bloody. See them tonight at the Living Room; all ages are welcome. If, on the other hand, raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are a few of your favorite things, then the “Sound of Music” sing-a-long at the Arlington Theatre tonight is definitely more your scene.

Saturday, Jan. 12

Less than two weeks into the new year and already your resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Don’t worry, Artsweek won’t judge you. But if you must repent, at least have fun. “Late Night Catechism” is a hilarious piece of theater led by a drill sergeant-like sister who drags audiences kicking and screaming back to their school days. The show is being performed until Jan. 13 at the Lobero Theatre – wear closed-toe shoes, clip your fingernails and wash behind your ears you dirty, dirty child. For those who barely survived Catholic school the first time around, the Belorussian National Dance Ensemble is performing “Khoroshky” tonight at the Arlington Theatre.

Sunday, Jan. 13

More than 40 years after its filming, Arts & Lectures will screen the U.S. debut of “The Wide Blue Road” in Campbell Hall at 7:30 tonight. This carefully restored print provides audiences with a unique opportunity to view the first film by Italian director Gillo Pontecorvo, most famous for “The Battle of Algiers.” Less than three months since the Murder City Devils’ dissolution, many fans are still giving ex-bass player Derek Fudesco the cold shoulder. But if you’ve forgiven him for the break-up, you might want to check out his new edgy post-punk band, Pretty Girls Make Graves, playing at the Living Room tonight.

Tuesday, Jan. 15

If you were lucky enough to get a ticket to the Buena Vista Social Club performance tonight then have a blast. The show, headlined by Orquesta Ibrahim Ferrer and featuring Jesus “Aguaje” Ramos and Guajiro Mirabel, will be an amazing showcase of Cuban sounds. Those of us who missed out can always drown our sorrows at the “Merc.” The Billy Nayer Show will perform at the Mercury Lounge tonight. Nayer, the alter ego of Cory McAbee, is both a singer and filmmaker. His shows are multimedia (music and film) extravaganzas, leaving audiences puzzled but never disappointed.

Wednesday, Jan. 16

With the remake of “Ocean’s Eleven” and the release of two new Rat Pack CDs, Frank, Dino and Sammy seem to be experiencing a renaissance of sorts. The Music Theater of Santa Barbara presents “A Tribute to the Legendary Rat Pack” at the historic Granada Theatre until Jan. 27. If you’ve spent so many nights drinking at the James Joyce that you’re starting to sound like the bartenders and you’ve found yourself longing for the Emerald Isle, then head to the Arlington Theatre tonight – the Chieftains will offer enough genuine Celtic sounds to warm the cockles of your heart. At UCSB, Arts & Lectures presents Midori (violin) and Robert McDonald (piano) in their Santa Barbara premiere in Campbell Hall at 8 p.m.