Editor, Daily Nexus,

Let’s support the Israelis. They are a democracy in a sea of dictators. Arafat is a criminal that this country should replace with some less radical Palestinian leader. Send Arafat to the Hague for trial with Milosovich for his crimes against humanity. The U.S. can learn a lot from the way the Israelis are dealing with terrorism. You do not negotiate with terrorists; you blast the buggers.

The Muslims are out to destroy our world so they can control theirs. They do not deserve any quarter from us. It is, again, the 1,000-year battle between East and West, and Christians and Muslims. They will not accept our way of life, our religious tolerance, our constitution that guarantees the separation of church and state, and free speech; but instead, they want to impose a narrow one-religion dictatorship on everyone. They attack all other religions and destroy their churches, people and religious symbols. These people are un-American! We should not support them. We do not want the likes of them running our world.

There is nothing wrong with our policies in the Middle East. Don’t let them convince you that there is. If it were not for the U.S. and England, none of these Arab nations would have any oil development or income with which to keep their people out of poverty. The only reason these Arab governments have not been overthrown is because of oil revenues. The six million Israelis are not the problem. The 100 million Muslims and Arabs are the problem!