The lectures that many UCSB professors don’t want you to hear will take place this Thursday night. Ann Coulter, the constitutional attorney/political pundit will make her appearance to speak on why the United States is justified in its anti-terrorism military campaign in Afghanistan.

At this very instant the nation mourns yet continues its daily struggle to conduct business as usual in an economy well on its way into recession. Along with canceled flights, significant unemployment hikes, anthrax scares and the constant threat of another terrorist attack, many could be disillusioned about the nation’s future. Instead America has united in the fight against terror. Ninety percent of this country’s citizens have pledged their support for the president, as well as the actions taken in the past several weeks.

There is only one problem: A small percentage – less than 10 percent of the American people – has chosen to stray from mainstream America. These people comprise an extreme leftist population of pacifists, political activists, simple non-conformists and, yes, even your very own UCSB professors!

As many students may have noticed by now, UCSB’s faculty is loaded with far left-leaning liberals. That is not necessarily a bad thing to many; however, it can prove to be hurtful to someone trying to receive a fair and balanced college education. How can a student determine what he or she believes in when what is taught at this university is so one-sided? That is what Ann Coulter is here to remedy this Thursday night.

Most people in America believe in the war effort, but most students wouldn’t get that feeling here on this campus, by what many professors state in their classrooms. Many of these professors who claim to be a part of the “bourgeois intelligentsia” in fact abhor America. The fact of the matter is that if anybody were to sit down and listen to many of these professors’ lectures, they might be subjected to constant references to our flag as “red, white and blue rags.” In fact our military men and women, who so bravely wear the uniform, have been referred to as “clowns jumping out of helicopters” in a UCSB lecture. Another UCSB professor (an admitted Marxist-socialist) chose to use his time on a recent campus panel to inform students in search of answers that “the real reason” the U.S. is involved in Afghanistan is for the Asiatic oil pipeline. I guess he never heard about what happened on Sept. 11.

So, those of you who seek to balance out your education and decide for yourselves how you feel about the War on Terror are cordially invited to come see Ann Coulter speak at North Hall 1004, at 7 p.m. on Thursday. She is also a member of the “bourgeois intelligentsia” (as many professors here like to call themselves) – her degree from Cornell and her law degree from the University of Michigan can attest to that. Her best-selling book High Crimes and Misdemeanors, as well as her political fame should prove to be sufficient to combat the terrorist-sympathizing opinions of the far, far left. If you are proud to be an American, please come. If you are not sure about how you feel about our government’s actions, please come. If you do not agree with military action, or just don’t believe in war, please come. This lecture is open to questions and will provide answers from a viewpoint not normally heard from on this campus. This lecture is a safe zone for those seeking the truth, and it will not dictate how you are supposed to feel for questioning the ranks of intellectuals on this campus.

Kenneth Spain is a senior history major and a member of the College Republicans.