Today the county is holding elections for the Isla Vista Project Area Committee. The IVPAC is the committee responsible for making recommendations for the Isla Vista Master Plan and this election is Isla Vistans’ chance to choose the people who will have a hand in designing the future look of I.V. All Isla Vista residents are urged to head over to the Isla Vista Teen Center at 889 Camino del Sur to cast their vote.

Owen Salisbury/ Daily Nexus

Business Owner and Representative
Lou Ventura Dorothy Dent

My name is Lou Ventura and I’m running for the PAC to represent the local business owners and the Isla Vista student way of life. I have spent most of my life living and/or working in Isla Vista. I believe the things that make Isla Vista a great place, are at risk.

The poor county policies and lack of representation are some of the reasons we are in a redevelopment situation. Redevelopment must start with the basics, such as streetlights and sidewalks. Redevelopment goals must maintain current cultural lifestyle, not a Westwood-congested atmosphere.

Maintaining the ability for students and families to live on the bluffs and protecting personal property rights are essential to Isla Vista lifestyle and culture.

Hi, I’m Dorothy Dent, representing the Isla Vista Bicycle Boutique on the corner of Pardall Road and Embarcadero del Mar in running for the Project Area Committee as a business representative. Our businesses exist here because we support each other, by buying locally and giving to our community organizations. To rightfully honor I.V.’s history and founding principles, we need to pursue environmentally-friendly redevelopment, keeping our eclectic mix of family-owned businesses, retaining our village flavor and respecting landowners’ and tenants’ rights. We are a close-knit familiar group hoping to continue to serve the community of UCSB students, staff, workers, families, locals and county residents throughout and beyond the [Re]Vision Isla Vista plan. Let us experience the successes that cooperation, participation and the resulting improvements will yield. Creating safer streets, bike and pedestrian paths, re-greening our environment with trees and organic landscapes, bettering infrastructure, and preventing artificially high rents for all tenants will serve our constituents best. My goals in the PAC are to treat our businesses with respect and cooperation while creating a safer, greener and cleaner I.V.

Carrie Frandsen Tom Parsai

I have lived and worked in Isla Vista for 16 years. In that time I have been a student, tenant, business operator and parent. I understand the benefits and the shortcomings of living in Isla Vista. Currently, I am the treasurer and secretary of the Board of Directors for the I.V. Food Co-op. The Co-op’s mission is to serve its community. In that capacity, I am committed to long-term benefits for Isla Vista. I am happy to have an opportunity to improve the infrastructure of our often-neglected special district.

I am a business owner in Isla Vista and I am very interested in the future of I.V. At the same time, I have a Ph.D. in economics from UCSB. I used to live in I.V., and I used to teach at UCSB in the Economics Department for 10 years. I am very familiar with Isla Vista.

Craig Geyer  
No statement submitted.  

Residential Tenant
Michael E. Lebell John Bennett

I care about Isla Vista and worry that the majority of residents’ concerns and priorities would suffer unless I am elected to represent you. I have been a UCSB and SBCC student off and on for over 10 years. I feel I grew up in I.V. I found my wife in I.V., I am raising my dog and kids in I.V. – I choose to live in I.V. I love Isla Vista and the unique population, scene and environment here. I body surf, ride my bike, run on the beach, rent my videos, play in the parks, buy my burritos and flip my car back over after the wild parties here. I have served on IVRPD committees and have tried to serve my community whenever and however I can. I think electing me to this PAC will allow me to serve and promote your needs and interests even more.

I am a senior English and history major, and a member of the Campus Democrats. Safety, affordable housing and sustainable development are my primary goals. I want to ensure that Isla Vista redevelopment benefits our whole community. Students and families in Isla Vista should have an influence on redevelopment because it will reshape our community. Safety is my immediate concern due to the recent increase in assaults against young women. Overpriced rent and overcrowding are also serious problems. Please consider your responsibility to your community and exercise your opportunity to vote.

Lucero Marquez Henry José Sarria

I have lived in Isla Vista and have been involved in the community for four years. I co-founded the Isla Vista Tenants Union. I have worked with tenants, educating them on their rights and guiding them to the appropriate resources in case of evictions. As part of the PAC, I will focus on low-income housing, a community center and an I.V. homeless shelter. Low-income housing should be a must for Isla Vista. Although we have a Teen Center in the community, a Community Center would be another great way of making resources available to Isla Vistans and bringing both students and non-students together as a community. I am looking forward to representing the Isla Vistans and will stand behind them 100 percent.

As a 13-year resident of Isla Vista, it would be an honor to become your representative as Project Area Committee Residential Tenant. Isla Vista will face many challenges during the Master Plan project and if elected, my main focus will be to work with and represent everyone in our community. Fairness and cooperation, with needed scrutiny, will be my policy to achieve effective changes and to prevent any negative environmental, financial or legal impacts. This is a wonderful community and together we can make it better! On Tuesday, Oct. 30 please grant me the honor of your vote.

Residential Owner-Occupant
Janet Stich

I would like to be elected to the Project Area Committee in order to promote and to protect the homeowners’ interests as the Master Plan is being developed. There is a vibrant community of homeowners and occupants in Isla Vista whose concerns are, at times, distinct from those of the residential tenants and students. I would like to represent these people. I have been an active participant in the planning phases and meetings leading up to this vote, and am enthusiastic about providing you with the level of commitment necessary to be a responsive member of this PAC. I will be open to your input, especially your ideas on parking, density, eminent domain and the quality of life in Isla Vista.