The county festival ordinance, which restricts loud music after 6 p.m. and has been enforced for years of Halloweens in Isla Vista, will take effect Sunday, October 28, after this weekend’s pre-Halloween parties.

Although the noise ordinance will not be in place until next week, the I.V. Foot Patrol will increase the number of officers on duty this weekend to help control the influx of visitors and the parties. Forty-three additional officers will be on patrol tonight, and 32 additional officers will be assigned for Saturday. On Halloween, 60 additional officers as well as Alcohol Abuse Control investigators will be on patrol, IVFP Lt. Russ Birchim said.

Birchim said he expects a lot of activity this weekend, despite a calming trend in the I.V. party scene.

“This coming weekend should be busy. Historically, if Halloween occurs during the week, the weekend before and after are really active,” he said. “During our Fall Orientation, the zero tolerance enforcement was established to set the tone. The weekends have been much calmer since, as far as citations and arrests go.”

Music that can be heard 100 feet from its source after 6 p.m. will be subject to a noise violation citation as of Sunday, October 28 until Friday, November 2 in accordance with Santa Barbara County’s festival ordinance.

Birchim said I.V. residents are familiar with the standard Halloween procedures, and he expects their general compliance.

“I think it will be under control. The past several years [Halloween] has become a local event again. There haven’t been a lot of problems. Kids are just dressing up and having a good time,” he said. “We get a kick out of the costumes as much as everyone else does.”

On Halloween, road barricades will be placed around 9 p.m. to restrict access to Del Playa Drive and Sabado Tarde Road. The barricades will be placed on the loop at El Embarcadero , as well as on Camino Pescadero, Camino Del Sur and Camino Corto, south of Trigo Road. The 6500 block of Pardall Road will only be open to emergency vehicles.

Parking and traffic is expected to be especially problematic on Halloween, Birchim said.

“Parking out here will be atrocious. We will be issuing traffic citations for vehicles parked illegally. Parking is going to be really impacted. It’s always a problem and it will be worse on Halloween,” he said.

Birchim said he strongly recommends I.V. partygoers carry identification with them at all times.

“If you’re stopped it’s much easier on everybody. We have to do a radio check to make sure the name given is actually real,” he said.