Associated Students Legislative Council unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday night opposing further action on the San Clemente Apartments proposal, claiming that students have not had enough input on the project.

San Clemente Apartments would provide 972 beds for graduate students on the south side of Storke Field and would be completed by 2005.

The Campus Planning Commission will discuss the plans on Oct. 30.

The council also unanimously passed a resolution to form a new outreach committee focused on educating the campus and local community about student government and its various student services.

Council member Isabel Millan said the committee would use methods such as tabling and going door-to-door to talk with students about A.S.

“Most students don’t know what A.S. does, if anything,” Millan said.

Leg Council also passed a position paper to support the California Youth Vote Platform – a project designed to encourage voters between 18 and 24 years old to vote, particularly in local elections.

The platform supports a statewide policy that would allow Californians to register and vote on election day. Other platform items include televised, youth-orientated debates and encouraging colleges to make voter registration forms more available to students.