Goddamn, Is This It? was worth the two-week delay RCA records put on the album due to the terrorist attack. Evidently, there was a song about NY cops that could be considered derogatory and, well, now’s not the time to clown New York civil servants.

The album hit the racks Tuesday (sans the New York cop song) and the other 11 tracks on The Strokes’ debut album are worth the hype. Rolling Stone gave it four stars, and while Artsweek does not endorse the star system of rating, Is This It? is definitely It.

Is This It? opens with the title song – a catchy opening guitar riff reminiscent of the Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind” accompanied by Julian Casablancas’ vocals. They are slightly Brit and sent through different levels of electronic distortion. The effect is a familiar Brit punk twang with a spice of distinction. Is This It? codas into thicker but just as sexy guitar-driven chords that resonate New York rock and roll. It has the energy of punk, the thump-thump of European House and the minimalist yet sweet chord progressions of Weezer.

I am a frugal reviewer and I would never endorse a $15 CD with less than four really good songs. The Strokes’ Is This It? has seven, and after one listen I skateboarded home humming the guitar hooks I remembered. Support America; buy the new Strokes CD.

[David Downs wishes the I.V. loop was an I.V. Mobius strip.]