Due out Oct. 16, mi6’s second album Lunchbox comes complete with fire-roasted lyrics, deep-fried power-punk guitar and a side of strange-ass confessions. A four-piece garage band from Lawrence, Kan., mi6 gained fame through distribution of its Internet MP3s and would probably boost their notoriety by providing fans with a letter-only name.

The music is peppy punk. Lead guitarist and vocalist Ken Peterson doesn’t have an exceptional voice, but the album’s heavy-distortion power-chord progressions, solos and fills work well together to preserve the quality of Peterson’s punk voice.

But his lyrics are another story.

Lunchbox is a journey through self-loathing land on the punk-rock boat of confusion. Song topics include relationships, ex-girlfriends, self-depreciation, problematic mental realizations, smoking weed and an explanation of “How To Be an Idiot,” the record’s final rant.

But the cake goes to the title-track, which boasts the shaved-headed Kansan kiddies’ most punk-rock lyric. “I cannot lie. I grew a mullet to comply with all the fads that everyone would try, like Tab one calorie.”

But that’s ok, guys; it’s not like people can actually understand what you’re saying.