Looking to spice up your school life? What better way than to incorporate sex into your daily grind?

As students, we are constantly looking to ease the stress and monotony of our scholastic lives; sex on campus is the perfect solution. There’s a special place on campus for every position and rhythm.

#1 Campus Point: For the beach-lovers out there, Campus Point is the place to experience the motion of the ocean. The rhythmic waves and the thick, wet air make for delicious sex on the beach. Why ride waves when you can ride each other?

#2 The Pool: Take a load off and experience weightless sex. After a sweaty workout or a long hard day, dive into the pool and let your fluids flow freely.

#3 The Arts Building: Feeling uninspired? Climb onto the roof of the Arts Building and let the creative juices flow.

#4 Harder Stadium: Enough said.

#5 The Pulse in the UCen: The exhibitionist couple will love taking advantage of this oh-so-public copy shop in the UCen. Let The Pulse invigorate the two of you, and dominate this Xerox spot by gettin’ freaky. You’ll be well on your way to an orgasm worth copying.

#6 Physical Sciences Buildings: Get physical with each other’s physiques at Physical Sciences North, but whatever you do, don’t forget to go south.

#7 Dorm showers: Don’t let dorm life cramp your style. Take advantage of the communal shower and get fresh together. Remember, the more the merrier.

#8 Top bunk: Overcome your fear of heights by coming in the bare up in the air. The top bunk provides privacy and the limited space allows you to push your flexibility to the limits. The ceiling will become your friend.

#9 Davidson Library’s stairwell: We all strive to maintain our intellectual status. Make the smart choice and do it in the library. After a heated debate in the RBR, release some of that tension with a quickie on the staircase. For another study break, take advantage of the poles in the staircase and dance it up.

#10 Storke Tower: This tall and erect tower in the middle of the wide-open plaza is a couple’s fantasy come true. The bells function dually: make use of them for their vibrations and feel free to scream your heart out because the sound is guaranteed to drown you out (timing is everything in sex). There’s only one problem: only CSO’s and Nexites have keys to the tower.

My Wednesday Hump sex column is for the lovelorn and groin-worn. Since the lack of a football team has left us yearning for tackling and grunting, you’ll have to fill the void by reading my column -literary masturbation, if you will. Please write to me and ask for sex advice (confidentiality assured for non-exhibitionists). Send e-mails to or drop them off at the office under well-endowed Storke Tower.

Molly Blank types fast, then slow, then fast again. Her column runs every Wednesday. Send in your sex ideas and questions.