Editor, Daily Nexus:

So in the paper Wednesday, hopefully you read of the “private meeting” Davis and Bush had Tuesday night over California’s power crisis. I really feel as though it was not much of a debate or a meeting that would have allowed for resolution, but truly, as the article read, a “tightly choreographed” 40-minute session.

While on the one hand, I agree that we Californians take much for granted, and too often feel as though we can use our power and prominence to get what we want, I also believe that this is not merely an issue about getting what we want.

There are many factors involved, and this is a truly complicated issue.

For the most part, I am unhappy with Bush’s stance of turning a blind eye to California, and with what is occurring. His public front of insensitive behavior can not bode well with a state that voted Democratic with its 54 electoral votes (but that doesn’t matter much; he wasn’t really voted into office anyway), but this type of stance is allowing for more and more propaganda to be propagated by Davis’ side as well.

While I truly feel for Davis, his floundering polls and his desire to run for president in 2004, I do not think the blame game does much in getting us closer to any sort of solution. Between Bush’s blunderings, “Price caps do nothing to reduce demand, and they do nothing to increase supply” (well, fucking duh, where did you go to school?), and Davis’ finger pointing, nothing much is happening on this issue. Gawd, I wish the people in true control of the state had had better insight before we were deregulated and that we could have foreseen the future when we had the chance to change it. The only thing this reaffirms for me is that Big Business cannot be trusted. To “stop the gouging of our economy” (protesters removed from the hotel ballroom), we have to understand how vulnerable our state is because of the fact that it is one of the richest in the union.

And then comes my ultimate question, sheltered, spoiled and completely controlled by capitalism: Would it have been so bad to elect a consumer advocate as president? Would it? Well, we can’t rewrite history, but we seriously need to help shape things up for our future. Just do what you fucking can for the sake of your monthly bill and the sake of the state.