Editor, Daily Nexus:

After seeing the response to Ward Connerly’s visit, Ollie North’s visit and the reaction that David Horowitz received in Berkeley recently, it is clear to me that the most closed-minded groups in America today are the left-wing politically correct and the college activists. Since when is your viewpoint so perfect and so right that another person that disagrees with you cannot even speak without being heckled and jeered at? The left-wing socialist progressives in this country have so infused their viewpoints with the concept of “good” that any idea contrary to their own is by nature “bad.” Since “bad” is undesirable, debate over ideas has been snuffed out, for who would EVER side with “bad?” This labeling of alternate viewpoints as “bad” makes any idea not in line with what is politically correct not only wrong, but not even worthy of discussion or having the right to be expressed. David Horowitz has a right to speak, and if you see yourself as an American and respect other peoples’ right to speak their minds and use their brains for more than just succumbing to mob mentality, then you will listen. If you wish to protest, do it outside, because for every activist tearing into this man tomorrow night, know that there are a hundred other people who would rather just hear him speak and then reflect rather than react.