Everyone loves a good freak show. Yesterday, on my way to the office, I saw a clan of gifted souls engaged in some sort of sophisticated splashing display in the Reflection Pool (see photo: page 1).

Someone told me they were dance majors, but they looked like uncoordinated, attention-starved freaks to me … the best kind of freaks around.

A pleasant smile slowly crept to my lips, but my mood quickly changed to frustration … what is a good freak show without a large, heckling crowd?

Luckily, I discovered that a sizeable group of freak-show aficianados had formed around me.

We worked together, giving the “dancers” frequent standing ovations and yelling loving, encouraging cheers like “Do the teapot” and “What the hell are you freaks doing?”

I love it when a freak show comes together.

Friday’s forecast: Hazy in the morning, but don’t worry … the freaks come out at night.