“Melancholy Mechanics”

In a seemingly cold and unfeeling world, one man finds beauty for the first time.

“As Good As Gold”

A tale about a young man who has everything he needs except one important thing. It is not until he goes on a mission that he discovers what the true meaning of happiness really is in his life.

“Chasing Chaplin”

Two filmmakers encounter a magical experience with the help of an old film camera.

“A Biography”

A documentary chronicling the early adversities of a young Ohio boy who gained fame in eater life.

“Fight Night”

Every year at UCSB, the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity holds Fight Night, a charitable event that draws a crowd of over 5,000 people. Fight Night features 10 boxing matches. The fights feature fighters from various fraternities on campus, as well as other students and local gym rats. The scene of this film is in Rob Gym on Friday, May 18, 2000.


A film that experiments with basic concepts of infinity within the parameters of a time constraint and the boundaries of the film medium.

“Never Her”

A teenage girl obsessed with the media’s representation of a woman realizes she’s all that (and a bag of chips).

“Damsel in Distress”

Employing a technique called “pixelation” (stop-motion animation with live actors), “Damsel in Distress” tells a classic tale of good vs. evil.