Two discs of reissue bliss, Soft Boys’ Underwater Moonlight kicks out the jams. British rock god Robyn Hitchcock released a legendary album in 1980 with his first cool band, the Soft Boys. Now 2001 rolls around and Matador decides to reissue this masterpiece with a bonus CD of unreleased live material. This is going on my desert island list. And, yes, the first disc does have “I Wanna Destroy You” for all you punks.

Why did I not hear about the Soft Boys sooner? They take all the best parts of the Stones, Nirvana, the Pixies, Iggy and the Stooges, the Members and Bauhaus, then mix it all up into an insanely romantic fizzy-lifting drink like Charlie and Grandpa Joe drank in the Chocolate Factory. Thanks to Robyn and the Boys, I love the sound of guitars again. Underwater Moonlight tastes best when prepared with mind-altering substances, strawberries and blue light bulbs, but anytime is a good time for the Soft Boys. Since I procured this disc it has frequently been the soundtrack for my multiple dreams about strolling hand in hand with Winona Rider in the forests of Ithaca.

Dear heart, this album destroys me and then fills me back up again like OK Computer or The Wall. I don’t make these comparisons lightly; the Soft Boys are not to be underestimated.