Editor, Daily Nexus:

Pi Kappa Alpha would like to thank everyone who attended Fight Night last Friday. The event was a success and the “Say Yes to Kids” program will benefit from the proceeds. At this moment, we would like to address what happened outside of Rob Gym.

The event was not oversold. As any spectator inside Rob Gym witnessed, there was plenty of room in the upper bleacher sections. There was enough room to fit all those who were turned away. Pi Kappa Alpha did everything in its power to allow everyone who purchased a ticket to watch the event. Unfortunately, there were some rowdy individuals in the line outside of Rob Gym. The police officer in charge warned the people to make orderly lines and to settle down. Regrettably, the situation did not improve, and the police made the decision to close the doors to Rob Gym and to disperse the crowd.

We regret this situation, and we apologize to those who were waiting patiently, but ended up getting turned away. Before we give all proceeds to the “Say Yes to Kids” program next week, we would like to issue refunds to those who were not able to watch the event. On Friday, May 11, we will refund the pre-sale ticket price to those who were turned away. Refunds can be collected in the backyard of Pi Kappa Alpha between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Friday.