For those of you who follow music way too closely and form opinions of new acts by what label they are on, check this out: Dreamweavers’ label is NC Clothing, a skate clothing designer. Is this a sign of a new level of bastardization of hip hop, the style of music, which, along with various forms of electronica, is the soundtrack of choice for car and clothing TV ads?

NC Clothing may very well be attempting to profit on the conglomeration of skating and hip hop, but if Dreamweavers is to be the result, then count me in as a supporter. Dreamweavers is made up of spacey rhymer L-Roneous and spacey producer Elusive, and together they make, well, spacey hip hop. But they are no Outkast or Kool Keith imitators. They aren’t trying to be aliens; they just sound different – dreamy. Thus the group’s name. L-Ron’s flow is complex, yet so smooth you have to give his words full attention in order to follow his tales. Elusive provides the groundbreaking beats, combining weird drum patterns with weirder samples.

From the manner of release to, more importantly, the music, Dreamweavers is completely intriguing and completely dope. Give up your anti-commercialism ideals and buy this album.