Editor, Daily Nexus:

This is a response to Adam Kaiserman’s letter (Reader’s Voice, “Conservative Letters Use Fear Tactics, ‘Fuzzy Math,’ ” May 7). Kaiserman responds to a prior publication of the Nexus in which there was an uncommon number of conservative letters in the opinion section.

He goes on to bash Off-Campus Rep-elect Martin Doyle by claiming that because Doyle is a conservative, he won’t be able to represent the students here on campus. How close-minded is this comment? My question for Kaiserman, as he is also a newly elected representative of the students, is whether he feels capable of representing the conservative students at UCSB? Let’s not forget that everyone needs representation. While it may seem strange to Kaiserman and many other left-leaning students, conservatives at this university are the ones who feel underrepresented in the student government.

This leads to my second point. Kaiserman, in his close-minded capacity, believes that just because he sees a few conservative opinions in the paper, they automatically came from the UCSB College Republicans. Note to Kaiserman: There are a lot more conservatives on this campus than many people think and not all of them officially belong to the College Republicans. Believe me, I am a member, and if I could get them all to join our group, we’d be a much larger presence than we already are – and I know that would be very scary to some.