Twenty-year-old Santa Barbara City College student Timothy Baptista was pronounced dead Sunday at 1 a.m. after falling off a 40-foot cliff onto the beach.

Baptista was attending a party located at 6507 Del Playa Drive at the time of the fall, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Dept. Public Information Officer Lt. Mike Burridge said.

“There were people at the party interviewed by deputies; everybody who was there was interviewed, but nobody saw anything,” he said. “One person looked over the edge of the cliff and saw that [Baptista] was down there.”

Police received a 911 call at 12:30 a.m. Burridge said two Isla Vista Foot Patrol deputies were at the residence and two deputies were on the beach in seven minutes; however, Baptista was unconscious.

“Two guys who were at the house were down on the beach administering CPR when the deputies got down there,” Burridge said. “One of the people [Baptista] knew at the party said he hadn’t seen him for 15 minutes before he was discovered down on the beach.”

The decedent, who was found lying on his back on top of large rocks below the DP residence, had no pulse and was not breathing when emergency personnel arrived, Burridge said.

“He had a friend — I believe the party was for a 21st birthday — and that’s why he was there. By reading [the reports] I get the idea that a lot of people at the party knew him,” he said. “There is nothing that leads us to believe that there was foul play involved.”

According to Burridge, witnesses at the party said Baptista had been drinking over the course of the evening; however, it is not known if alcohol played a role in his fall. Toxicology results will be released in 10 days to 12 days.