Someone should let these guys know that if their lyrics are simply going to suck, they should scream and blur them together like the rest of the grungy, heavy bassline-hitting hard rockers. I can’t stand whiney and depressing songs that do a half-ass job at being poetic; therefore, I can’t stand Unloco.

The lead singer never seems to shut up for more than five seconds at a time, and when his mediocre voice is not whining about hate and personal limitations, it is harmonizing badly with chords that would just sound all right alone. I miss the intricate eruption of three different basslines, a ruthless drummer and a voice that makes my eyes stare wide open and my fists clench. I listen to this genre of music to get pumped up for a game or when I get an urge to buy a gun rack and grow a mullet, but Unloco’s Healing just seems to kill the intensity. So next time you’re in your meth lab and crave some natural adrenaline, listen to Korn or Slipknot, because these guys just don’t cut it.