Martin Sexton will feel right at home under the sweet rays of the summer sun and the chill vibrations of beach-time lounging. Sexton’s snap-your-fingers, sunny-day folk-swing is reminiscent of the well-loved music of Van Morrison. His erratic vocal stylings and catchy melodies are similar to those of Ben Harper, and Sexton leaves no doubt that he means what he is singing.

Wonder Bar does not offer anything new to the music scene, but it shines in its lack of production and pure, uncut sound. The bluesy lead guitar slides right in among the folk rock acoustic guitar rhythm and drums. Although nothing special, it fits the music well.

Sexton has offered his listeners an album full of head bop sounds. Still, there is no possibility for dancing, and Sexton’s erratic music stylings make it tough to sing along or get involved in the music. But if you are looking for a cool, upbeat summertime sound other than reggae, Wonder Bar is just the album for you.