Editor, Daily Nexus:

I’d just like to say that I have absolutely no sympathy for anyone whose car got towed from Sabado Tarde Road on Monday. The city of Santa Barbara has been trying to pave that road for the better part of a year, and yet it could not because, despite prominent signs, no one would move their cars. The last time Santa Barbara tried to pave Sabado Tarde was last winter. It could have towed everyone then, but opted instead for the nicer solution of only paving down the middle of the street. Picture for a moment how incredibly stupid this looks. It should have towed everyone’s car last winter, but instead it gave people chance after chance to get with the program and move their cars. And no one took it.

Life is full of lessons. Some lessons are more expensive than others, and I think a lot of people paid dearly for their lessons Monday. If you saw the signs and ignored them, then you just learned a $150 lesson telling you that next time you should pay attention to signs instead of ignoring them like a dumbass. If you didn’t notice the signs, then you learned a $150 lesson on how to be more observant. If you saw the signs, but parked there anyway because no one else had moved their car, you learned a $150 lesson on why lemmings do not rule the world. If you didn’t see the signs because some loser tore them down, don’t blame the towing company or the construction workers – they’re just doing their job. Instead, blame the obnoxious losers who tore down the sign. If you are one of the obnoxious losers who tore down the sign, you deserve to be tarred, feathered and dumped into the Bog of Eternal Stench. If the illegal paraphernalia that was in your car was confiscated, tough shit. If you own illegal contraband, then you must also accept the risk that it might be confiscated at any time, and be prepared to accept the consequences of such an event. But most of all, there’s the $150 lesson that the next time the city tries to pave Sabado Tarde, you should move your car.