Capadonna is a lucky guy. He got out of jail in 1995 and immediately joined the Wu-Tang Clan, even appearing on the cover (and about half of the tracks) of Ghost Face Killah’s Ironman album. He put out his first solo album, The Pillage, before several of the original Wu-Tang emcees could release theirs. Now it’s 2001 and Cappadonna has released his second “solo” album, The Yin and the Yang. The quotes around “solo” are there because I find it unusual that an album that is supposed to concentrate on an individual’s musical expression has guest rappers on all but one song.

Whatever. If the music is good, who cares if someone gets undue credit for it? I don’t. Too bad that’s not the case though. One of Cappadonna’s homies states on “The Grits” that the album is titled The Yin and the Yang to reflect how Cappa covers so many different topics. There is a lot of tough guy rhetoric. There is a lot of discussion about male/female relations, most of which surrounds Cappadonna and the homies’ tendency to play hoes for one night stands. Oh yeah, there is a lot of nonsensical religious talk that is common among the Wu-Tang lessors. That makes three storylines spread out over 10 songs. Maybe Cappadonna should have called the album The One or the Other.