A drunken driver ran into the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity house at approximately 2:45 a.m. on Friday morning. No one was injured, and the driver was arrested by the California Highway Patrol.

The driver, sophomore UCSB student Dylan Conroy, was taken to the county jail where his blood alcohol level was determined to be 0.11, CHP Officer Kevin Coomer said. CHP questioned and released the passenger.

Conroy was allegedly driving his red hardtop, late-1960s Ford Mustang east down El Colegio Road when he turned right onto Embarcadero del Norte, CHP Officer Mark Darelli said. After turning onto Embarcadero del Norte, the Mustang hit the rear end of a parked green Ford Thunderbird. Approximately 75 feet later, the Mustang collided with a parked Chevy Z71 pickup truck, dislodging the truck’s hubcap, flattening its tire and warping the tire’s rim.

Near the end of the first block of Embarcadero del Norte, Conroy’s Mustang went over the right-hand curb, lost a hubcap, clipped a tree, missed a telephone pole, went through the bushes and onto Cervantes Road. It then went over the curb, lost a second hubcap, went through another set of bushes and over a lawn before crashing into the corner of ATO and damaging the fraternity’s fence.

The Mustang’s front end was smashed in, and the car was leaking antifreeze from its radiator. ATO’s house sustained minor damage to its concrete wall and fence.

ATO hosted a party Thursday night, which was winding down at the time of the accident, senior geography major and ATO member Joe Koenig said. Koenig was in a room on the second floor when the Mustang crashed into the house.

“We didn’t see what happened — we felt what happened,” Koenig said. “It was like an earthquake.”

Sophomore global studies major and ATO member Jason Reukema was in the house’s foyer.

“I was leaning against the wall and felt a big shock go through my body; it threw my body off the wall,” Reukema said.

Reukema said he rushed outside to see what had happened.

“[Conroy] was still in the driver’s side,” Reukema said. “I ran around to the passenger’s side. There was a passenger who was crawling out and sitting on our lawn… I picked the passenger up with a couple of other guys to see if he was OK. He stood up, looked at us and then fell back down. We just left him where he was and waited for the police to show up. We stayed around to make sure the guy didn’t try to run off. Nobody tried to run off. The driver realized he screwed up.”