Sunday morning music is for lying in bed and kissing the back of the neck of the one you love. Red Thread is not just Sunday morning music, it’s rainy Sunday morning music. The two blokes who make up the band are the Scottish pop contemporaries of Belle and Sebastian, but not quite their peers. This is Scot pop, and we know what pop means – love songs, often lost love songs. Me, I don’t have a neck to kiss, but still I find this slow-tempo, Radiohead-ish mood music appropriate for thinking about those rare moments of silent bliss found in holding another human’s slender hand.

Sedative but nonmeditative, Red Thread is merely another tear to add to the briny sea of relationship rock songs. “Love Detective” is a surprisingly suspenseful track where the wispy, monotone singing fastens itself seductively to the sticky groove of piano, bass and drums. It would have fit perfectly on the Trainspotting soundtrack.

I must say that Scottish accents are the most sexy, even when you can’t understand a single word. Maybe the lyrics are so slurred because most of the songs involve at least a wee mention of drinking in pubs. Overall, the album is worth sipping a few pints over, but as Tyler Durden would say, it’s strictly “sport-fucking,” not love.