The UC Berkeley Daily Californian is under fire from student groups objecting to a recent full-page advertisement titled “Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Slavery is a Bad Idea – And Racist Too.” The ad, which ran in the Feb. 28 issue, said slavery was self-inflicted by blacks and reparations should cease.

The Daily Cal issued a front-page apology in the March 1 issue, citing a lack of communication, not internal racism, as the source of the problem. The paper will also allow students a full page to argue against the ad’s message.

“That we ran a front-page apology and compiled with so many reader requests is telling of the fact that we all feel deeply sorry for what happened,” Editor in Chief Daniel Hernandez said. “As I said in my apology, there is no institutional racism running rampant at the Daily Cal. We are ashamed and embarrassed, but will do all we can to rectify the situation.”

David Horowitz, a conservative writer and former liberal activist, purchased the ad to promote his new book. He sent the ad to nearly 30 different college newspapers, including UC Davis’ California Aggie, which published it.

Over 100 students protested the ad, which violates the California Aggie’s policy, Editor in Chief Eleeza Agopian said.
– Nexus Staff Report