Oh damn. The Iconz are some crazy hard gangstaz from Florida, so you best watch your step when your punk ass is vacationing at Disney World!

Five men and a token gangsta bitch make up the Iconz crew. They don’t have a specified leader, but the guy with the coolest name is Tony Manshino (he has a solo album called La Costra Nostra – and you thought the whole hip hop “Scarface” fascination was over). Judging from the press photo, they enjoy rolling six deep, acting tough and standing around at the park.

Judging from the lyrics on Street Money, the Iconz made this album from prison. When it comes down to jackin’, blastin’ and smokin’ on some greenery, these fools don’t think twice. The hardcore lyrics are accompanied perfectly by the beats that come with Casio keyboards. Topping it all off are the interludes. My two favorites are “Accept This Here” and “Semour Butts.” They are essentially the same, as both feature an Iconz member smacking a girl on the ass during some good ol’ doggy-style sex. The interludes really add a lot to the album.

If you need any more persuasion, just imagine cruising your local strip bumping this: “I got a clique and we strapped ready for war / We prefer to ball then get bomb head from whores.” I feel the same way, buddy.