Editor, Daily Nexus:

Paul Rivas is full of it (Daily Nexus, "CSO’s Campus Bike Burglary Calls For Civil Disobedience," Feb. 8). What does the fact that a Republican president is in office (no matter how much of a doofus he is) have to do with the fine job the CSOs do for this campus? They help keep the campus clear for walkers. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve tripped over some fool’s bike left in a hallway. We need regulations, because without them we would have chaos – skateboards hanging from the trees, cars parked on the Faculty Club lawn, surfboards floating in the RecCen pool, motorcycles in your Spanish class. Is that what you want?

As for the price we must pay to keep order – $6.00 to register your bike – hell, that’s less than a six-pack (okay, I drink Guinness). Twenty-four dollars to get your bike out of impound? What a deal! Try to get your car away from an impound yard. It will cost you $150 if you get there on the day it was impounded!

I have nothing but praise for the CSOs and the fine work they perform on this campus. Next time you see a CSO on campus, say to them, "Thank you Mr./Ms. CSO, you keep us from anarchy."