Associated Students is not in a laughing mood over $25 of funny money.

A.S. discovered two counterfeit $10 bills in its coffers last week. Kajsa Wood, the ticket manager at the A.S. Ticket Office, found the first bill while she was counting the money from the change drawer.

“It was in with the others, and it was white compared with the others. You could tell it was a different color,” Wood said.

Andrew Doerr, student services manager at A.S., discovered the second bill a few days later on Jan. 24. Doerr said both were $10 bills.

Upon discovering the counterfeits, A.S. called the police.

“They separated the bills from the rest of the money and called us,” UC Police Officer Michael Bryan said. “They weren’t sure they were counterfeit, but we were. [The bills] were actually not very good copies.”

The counterfeiter was “obviously not a professional,” said Paige Anderson, the acting executive director of A.S.

UCPD is conducting an investigation to discover the source of the bills, Bryan said. After the department’s investigation has concluded, the money will be sent to the Secret Service.

“We package [the money] and send it to the Secret Service … they file it …. and eventually destroy it,” Bryan said.

The Associated Student’s annual budget is $2.3 million, and Anderson said only $25.00 has been lost to counterfeiting in the last 20 years. Doerr said $20 was found last week and $5 last quarter.

A.S. is increasing its security measures to combat counterfeiters.

“We have stepped up training of our cashiers,” Doerr said. “They’ve all been shown the bills so they can see what they look like.”

“With training, it is something we hope doesn’t happen again” Anderson said. “We feel that we’ve taken some good action to prevent this. … It’s not the amount of money; it’s the principle.”