Daily Nexus,

This is regarding a correction that I feel needs to be made from a publishing last week. On Wednesday, Jan. 16 (I think), there was an Artsweek poll in the Nexus, listing a bunch of things that students could vote on. Number 33 stated “favorite guy in the Man of I.V. calendar.” We put on AEPhi’s Men of Santa Barbara Calendar, and I think that is what you were referring to, as I know of no other calendar. This is the third year we have put on the calendar, it’s our biggest philanthropic event, and we would love to get credit for it. The full name includes Alpha Epsilon Phi’s, or AEPhi’s, calendar before the rest of the title. If you could publish this correction I would greatly appreciate it. We are currently selling the 2001 calendars on campus at the Arbor, and any kind of recognition or publicity would be greatly appreciated. If your correction could include the availability of the calendars at the Arbor from 11-2 all this week and next week it would be great. We would love to work with you on making an article that would also fulfill your philanthropy requirement. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or for further information. I look forward to working together.
Dina Jacobs
president and philanthropy chair of Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority

We had no idea AEPhi has been putting on calendars for three years. How do you put on the calendars? Do you use tape, or sew them together with thread? Do you tear apart the calendars and then put them on, or put them on whole? Is that comfortable? Do you use a lubricant before putting them on to prevent chafing or irritation? Are you selling calendars that have been put on already? Is that safe? Do you put them on us, or do we have to put them on ourselves? Is it in poor taste if the calendar I put on doesn’t cover certain areas, like breasts? Or should we be sure to put on the calendar everywhere? Are the men of Santa Barbara in the calendar aware that they’re being put on? Is, say, the guy from April comfortable with being put on in private regions? Are you putting on a calendar right now? If we put on calendars, can we fulfill our philanthropy requirement, too?