Editor, Daily Nexus:

As I began writing this piece, I tried to figure out a way to approach the arguments presented by James Black in his recent opinion column (Daily Nexus, “Reverse Racism in Education,” Jan. 16). I wanted to present my opinion without playing into the angry black man stereotype, but then I said, “Fuck it, I am an angry black man.” It’s painfully obvious that James Black fits the literal meaning of a sophomore: a wise fool. He is wise because he sees that his future may be in jeopardy because Affirmative Action will help diversify the university that was once dominated by white males. That means he may not get into the graduate school he wants, and his little brother may not be able to follow in his footsteps so easily. He is a fool because he expressed opinions rooted in myths and misconceptions about Affirmative Action.

Here are some facts about Affirmative Action that Mr. Black obviously overlooked when writing his article. Affirmative Action does not let unqualified minorities into universities. Everyone who gets into a UC school is qualified according to the admission guidelines. What Affirmative Action does is examine other considerations – such as race – as well. So, in contradiction to Mr. Black’s statement, all 2.7 percent of blacks on this campus are UCSB material.

Another fact that Mr. Black didn’t seem to know is that blacks do not benefit the most from Affirmative Action. I know it’s a shock because there are so many of us blacks on campus, but the truth of the matter is that white women benefit the most from Affirmative Action. So I think that Mr. Black should augment his statement and say many white women are not UCSB material, either.

Now, another point made by Mr. Black is that minorities should just change schools if they are getting a substandard education at their present high school. Once again, Mr. Black has no fucking clue as to what he is talking about. Now, in order to change schools, the student would have to get an interdistrict transfer. They don’t just hand those out like candy. You have to have some compelling reason why you need to change schools, and even if you do change schools you have to find some way to travel to and from school. Some high school students do not have the luxury of switching schools. Some high school students have little brothers and sisters to take care of because their parents are working multiple jobs, or because they do not have parents at all, so commuting 30 minutes is not an option. Also, many minority high school students do not have the tools, such as computers, up-to-date books or a selection of honors and AP classes, that their white counterparts have across town. Let me see you write a 12-page report on the American government without an AP class in U.S. History. Let me tell you, it’s fucking hard to do.

The example of the one black student in your high school that went to college on a football scholarship is, how does one say this politely, so fucking lame that the lamest lamo would call it lame. The fact that you know only one black person who even went to college should tip you off that Affirmative Action is needed. I know you come to UCSB and see more minorities than in your high school and think that the Rainbow Coalition has its headquarters in I.V. But diversity is lacking in the student body here at UCSB, and to prove this, let me give you an example.

Imagine you walk into Campbell Hall, which seats about 500 people. You look around and don’t see another white face in the packed auditorium. You feel a little uncomfortable and out of place. Well, that is how minorities feel almost every day here at UCSB. My whole life, people have looked at me and thought that I am not good enough. Well, Mr. Black, I had a 4.0 GPA and 1440 on my SATs coming out of high school, so I know I am UCSB material. And I can’t let Affirmative Action die because I have two little black nephews who need to follow in their uncle’s footsteps.