It was rough going in stormy weather for Associated Students Legislative Council, which worked its way through the first meeting of the quarter Wednesday night.

Leg Council pushed ahead in its search for a new A.S. executive director, laying the groundwork for a committee to interview candidates. At the end of its search, the committee will produce three nominations, with the final decision left to Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Michael Young.

Off-Campus Representative Matt McMillan said it was important to pass the resolution quickly so the interviews could begin.

"This is the first time we’ve had to search for a new executive director in 14 years," he said, "and it’s very important to have a process for this."

The position of executive director has been open since the beginning of Fall Quarter and applications were due in December. Candidates have applied from across the country.

After two hours of discussion, Leg Council passed the resolution, with a few amendments. The committee would consist of representatives from Leg Council, the executive officers, the Office of Student Life, the Office of Student Affairs and the A.S. administration.

Leg Council also passed a position paper urging Parking and Transportation Services to extend the time limit on parking meters from 45 minutes to one hour, with quarters worth 20 minutes, instead of the current 15 minutes. As most classes run for 50 minutes, the current system means that students who use the meters during class run a high risk of getting ticketed.

Off-Campus Rep Bridget Saltzman authored the bill and argued it would help students academically.

"The current system cuts into valuable class time," she said. "I know that when I park at a parking meter, I leave class 10 minutes early just to avoid getting a ticket."

Arguments against the resolution included the fear of overcrowding, and its opponents argued longer meter time would encourage students to drive to class and make it harder to find parking on campus, especially when it rains.

In other news, the council called for more left-handed desks, especially in large lecture halls such as Campbell Hall. Rep-At-Large Eneri Rodriguez said desks for southpaws are scarce.

"There are supposed to be at least five [left-handed desks] per classroom, and I have a hard time finding one," she said. "Projects can always be enhanced."

Hearings are scheduled next week in the Blau vs. Finance Board suit currently before A.S. Judicial Council. Off-Campus Rep Vanessa Blau filed the complaint at the end of last quarter to protest a decision made by Finance Board to reimburse a student who did not fill out the proper paperwork for the purchase of a ceremonial Chinese lion head.