The 2000-2001 Associated Students student directories, which have already cost $32,000, received another $3,000 on Monday from Finance Board to correct an error in the printing.

Instead of listing each staff member’s individual phone number and address, the directory listed the same information for the entire faculty.

Although A.S. originally planned to request $15,000 for the new directories, they amended their proposal and asked for $3,000. They plan to cut the false section out of the existing directories and put on a sticker telling students to pick up a new staff supplement, instead of producing 10,000 new directories.

"It’s a good compromise," Finance Board member Manuel Silva said. "We need to get the directories out and this is a good way to do it."

"People need those numbers," Legislative Council Rep-at-Large Jonathan Pineda said.

The only problem discovered in the directories so far is the staff section, according to a memo from Leg Council Off-Campus Rep Bill Flores. The student information and advertisements are correct.

"The directories, as they are right now, are still useful," Flores wrote. "The advertisers are still receiving proper advertising, and the students are still receiving this useful service."

Money for the supplements will come out of capital reserves – a fund set aside in case of emergencies, which currently holds about $1.7 million.

"This is not, in my opinion, a real emergency," Flores said. "I do not think [making all new directories] gets the approval of the students."

Last week, Leg Council referred the A.S. Student Directory Recall Appropriation Bill to Finance Board for recommendation. The Board voted unanimously Monday to recommend the approval of the amended bill to Leg Council. The council will take up this topic at their meeting on Wednesday, and could sanction the request with approval from three-fourths of the representatives.