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To the Lady Elephant: Think Before You Trumpet

The Lady Elephant’s article published Friday, Nov. 30 reminded me of an important truth: Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that does not mean all opinions are created equal. Let’s start with the Elephant’s generalizations. She seems to believe all communication majors are rich girls in yoga pants who […]

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Why the “Fucking Fag” Faces Homophobia (A Response to Last Week’s Letter, “Why A “Fucking Fag” Has Had Enough of the Homophobia in Isla Vista”)

It’s a paradox really. To have one of the most gay-friendly campuses in the UC system, with numerous programs dedicated to, and for, the support of the LGBT community and then less than a 20-minute walk away have a community where anti-gay slurs are commonplace. It makes me think of […]

Globe Theater’s Simplified Hamlet is Refreshing
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Globe Theater’s Simplified Hamlet is Refreshing

Returning to UCSB after a hit performance and critically-acclaimed (cough, by me, cough) West Coast tour of A Comedy of Errors last year, the actors of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater graced Campbell Hall’s stage once again on Friday, Nov. 9, to perform Shakespeare’s metaphysical tragedy upon tragedy, Hamlet. Capable of capturing […]

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Prop 34: A Matter of Justice, Efficiency and Morality

You’ve seen the signs and heard the arguments: vote for Lois Capps, yes on Prop 30, no on Prop 32. But what haven’t you heard? (Besides the obvious conservative argument, of course.) Where’s all the discussion on Prop 34? Perhaps it’s the fact that the economy trumps all other talking […]

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Prop 37: Don’t Let Frankenfoods Scare You

Like any student riding their bike to class, I am forced to see the mass of political signs along the bike paths. However one sign during this election season has caught me off guard: A sign asking voters to say yes to Prop 37, which wants to label genetically modified […]