Gaucho de Mayo: Beyond Shots and Sombreros

I know Cinco de Mayo is approaching when sombreros are being sold on campus, when supermarkets begin to dress their aisles in sarapes and when themed parties begin to overflow the streets of Isla Vist...
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A.S. Officers Band Together, Back Foronda as President

During every election cycle at UCSB, students are inundated with an immense amount of information. While standing in support of healthy dialogue as a learning process, we as the 2012-13 A.S. Executive...
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WGSE, Striving for “More Than ‘Adequacy’”

We, A.S. Womyn’s Commission, A.S. Queer Commission, End Fake Clinics, Take Back the Night, Voices for Planned Parenthood and The Women, Gender, and Sexual Equity Department, are extremely frustrated...
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