Republicans Must Stick to Core Values

With the election of Barack Obama, American pundits are once again prattling over the fate of a weakened GOP.
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Yudof Considers Pay Cuts, Furloughs

With the UC system facing a budget gap of $813 million, UCSB's financial future is up in the air.
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I.V. Residents Meet Irish Visitors With Mixed Feelings

In what has become an increasingly common occurrence, the streets of Isla Vista are once again flooded with Irish visitors for the summer.
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If you envision sound as an auditory sculpture, then the members of Jassanova are its elite artisans. For those who still envision electronic music as nothing more than a soundtrack for 18-year-old gl...
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I.V. is Not a Town of Selfish Degenerates

Editor, Daily Nexus: I am writing this letter in response to a column by Mr. Harry S. Rouse (Daily Nexus, "Students Must Not Block Goleta Cityhood," Nov. 14), which argues that the residents...
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Women’s V-ball Preps for Cal Poly

The #14 UCSB women's volleyball team will travel tonight to Cal Poly to battle the Mustangs in the last league match of the season for the Gauchos.
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