YOLO: It’s A Noun, Verb, Adjective and Way of Life

Full disclosure: I’m YOLO-ing right now. Yeah, that’s a verb in the form of a gerund. So what? I’ll probably use it as a noun later, quite possibly an adverb, but that’s not why we’re here. ...
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Steve Jobs’ Lasting Legacy: A World Fraught With Opportunity

From Facebook, via a personal computer, I learned of Steve Jobs’ tragic passing. The irony of the information’s medium was not lost upon me or the Internet community. After the initial shock, unde...
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Life Without Depth, Dynamics Results in Dead-End Future

For as long as I can remember — and yes, I’m counting those intermittent college nights that might be a bit fuzzy — I’ve been conditioned to believe that all good things come to those who wait...
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