The 30th Annual California Avocado Festival

"Why does the California Avocado Festival have a place on the humble central coast? Well, to understand why we should look back way into the past to understand California’s history with the avocado....
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A Hidden Gem Just Fifty Miles North

"Everything was trendy, new and something that you would find located in The Funk Zone in Santa Barbara."
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Bomb Burgers at Ventura’s Bombay Bar and Grill

"After we ordered, it took about 15 minutes before the waitress walked over to us with what appeared to be heaven on a plate"
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My Cooking Journey: From Eek to On Fleek

I transferred to UCSB last fall with a set list of things I planned on adjusting to. Some of these things included the quarter system, larger class sizes, meeting new people and living two hours away ...
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