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An Open Letter in Defense of Deltopia

To the students that reside in Isla Vista:

What makes UC Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College such incredible places to study is the synergy of receiving a world-class education, with world-class scenery, in the midst of a world-class social scene. We have relinquished many of the things that we treasured and have allowed for the constant infringement upon our various rights and the self-proclaimed “right to party.” But, there is a threshold. Do not forget the student activism that has taken place within this community over the course of its inception.

I, as the author of this letter, encourage Isla Vista Residents to remain steadfast in your commitment to express yourselves in however you deem sufficient, whilst upholding appropriate safety precautions that are needed to ensure the wellbeing of others. Furthermore, the “out-of-towners” that are negatively spoken of during conversations regarding Isla Vista are invited by us into our community. Because of this, we need to exercise greater influence on who we solicit to come to I.V. or at the very least, what we allow them to do while they are here. They will eventually leave, but it is the Isla Vista community that ultimately pays the price for their actions, largely by way of the police exercising militant force.

Deltopia does not have an official day (unlike Halloween); it is not set in stone. Because of this, students should think of creative ways to out-maneuver law enforcement in this game of cat and mouse. If Deltopia gets ruined this weekend then have it again the following weekend, or better yet, have Floatopia. I assure you, the urge to rage will long outlast the budget of Santa Barbara to keep sending in large numbers of police. It should be noted that 85 percent of complaints received about noise, music and disturbing the peace are called in by law enforcement themselves, in order to “justify” the dissolution of social gatherings in Isla Vista.

They treat the UC students as if they didn’t have to work hard to get here, and they treat the CC students like they’ll never amount to anything of substance. Contrarily, SBCC and UCSB are beacons of the educational process in their own respects. We work very hard and deserve the freedom to relieve stress in a celebratory manner with likeminded individuals. COME ON I.V.! We pay tens of thousands of dollars to sit in overcrowded classrooms, pay overpriced rent, get harassed by law enforcement and have the various administrations and authoritative bodies bully and patronize us. Do not let this community turn into a police state. They can do only to us what we let them do.

To the Administrations of UCSB and SBCC, Isla Vista Foot Patrol and all other entities invested in the suppression of social gatherings within Isla Vista:

I am pleading with you, as the author of this letter, to not underestimate the efficacy and resolve of the 20-30 thousand students residing in Isla Vista. Everyone agrees that we would like Isla Vista to be safe. However, we will not allow it to be a pyrrhic victory. When UCSB and SBCC want to coax us into acquiescing to their interests then they leverage every resource and network to reach us. Yet, when there are meetings, votes and changes to the laws that govern our day to day lives, we are kept in the dark and silenced.

The young adults that live in Isla Vista do not wish to be governed in a way that lightly channels neo-fascism. We have some of the brightest minds in the country within our zip code, why not try to work with us rather than against us? After the burning down of Embarcadero Hall (formerly known as Bank of America), thousands of incidents of police brutality and the tensions between residents and enforcers, you should welcome the idea. Holding open office hours (IVPD) only works for people who have an ideology that is in line with that of the policing authority in I.V. Dissenters have been arrested, brutally beaten and even slaughtered (R.I.P. Kevin Moran). So I’m certain you understand our reluctance to trust you, although we would like to. There should be greater dialogue between those that would like to take away the social aspect of Isla Vista altogether and those that wish to preserve it. Deltopia is more than just college kids partying; Deltopia is ONE DAY that signifies the final stretch of a hard years work through the expression of dance and the amplification of community. Imposing stricter noise ordinances to virtually not allow any music is very heavy handed.

The I.V. community should not resent the presence of law enforcement, however, we are left with no choice. College, in an abstract sense, is supposed to support the varied manifestations of expression, not the preclusion of it. We would gladly like to work with the enforcement arms of the UC System, such as IVFP and UCPD to establish some middle ground with regards to Deltopia, Halloween and the social scene in its entirety. We are entitled to seats at the table, especially when the discussions directly affect us. Yet, it would seem that you are more invested in the abuse of college kids in the name of safety, than working with us educated students on effective safety measures that we do not have to side step.


This is a letter not only in defense of Deltopia, but also in the defense of preserving a social scene that has evolved over the years. This is a letter encouraging students to critically think about what they are willing to relinquish and what they are willing to fight for. Partying may be the focus of this letter at its face, but partying is not the focus of this letter in terms of its content. Think of what we pay, what we receive and what we are entitled to. Likewise, to those lobbied against the students, you should definitively decide how much animosity, brutality and prejudice you are going to harbor and exert on the students who call this place home.

This is an open letter from an author named “Isla Vista.”

A version of this article appeared in the Thursday, April 3, 2014 print edition of the Daily Nexus.
Views expressed on the Opinion page do not necessarily reflect those of the Daily Nexus or UCSB. Opinions are primarily submitted by students.
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  1. Self-indulgent and illiterate.
    Ron P.
    UC Berkeley, 1963

  2. echo sierra says:

    Typical entitled brats. “The world owes me”. Kids, you’ll be treated in response to your actions. Act like an A-hole and be treated like an A-hole. But you’ll find that out soon in enough in the real world when you look for a job with assault and resisting arrest on your record.

  3. Sounds like a self important snot to me…grow up kid, there’s a real world out there with real obstacles, real stresses, real requirements and, hard to believe, real achievements.

  4. “a social scene that has evolved over the years.”

    “Evolved?” Like Detroit has “evolved”? What juvenile self-entitlement! Grow up, “young adults.”

  5. Chuck U Farley says:

    Exactly what are you ‘entitled to’ in Doltopia?

    In the immortal words of Blutto Blutarski, “Seven years of college down the drain”.

  6. What a bunch of ivory tower B.S. No clue about the real world.

  7. Jane Eric says:

    If this is the best “the brightest minds” UCSB has to offer than education truly is fubared.

    • Brian A... says:

      CSU Chico, (Chico State in my day) had the same issues. They pretty much dropped all creative spring parties (Pioneer Days). Too many (stupid) people were coming from outside the area…Destroying what was meant to be a release of stress from hard studies. Go to UC Davis or Berkeley for pre med and serious study. Go to UC Santa Cruz to be one with the universe. UCSB…Be careful in what you ask for, when it comes interview time…

      • Brian A... says:

        PS Food doesn’t come from McDonalds or a store…You’ll find out soon enough what real life looks like…

  8. james w boyd says:

    I am serious. A few bursts of live machine-gun fire, with certain repeat if needed, would stop this havoc caused by these braindead, pot-soaked, degenerate idiots called students.

  9. This is terribly written. It seems like something a high school sophomore has written while consulting a thesaurus every sentence. More problematically, the argument is incoherent. As a result, this is a lot of words for zero effect.

    Always remember–brevity is the soul of wit. Also:

    “Write as you speak. Don’t use formal, high-sounding words that you wouldn’t think of using in conversation. Remember that the finest English in the world is simple English.” Lillian Eichler Watson, The Bantam Book of Correct Letter Writing 13 (1958).

  10. Hockeyfan says:

    This must be fake. No one could be this dumb, could they?

    Could they?

    I mean, yeah, if they were suffering from some sort of premature dementia or some sort of other mental disorder. Maybe the partying has caused brain damage. Or perhaps they cheated on the entrance exams.

    Or maybe they are just dumb.

    I weep for the millennial generation.

  11. Bawwing students make me lel says:

    >They will eventually leave, but it is the Isla Vista community that ultimately pays the price for their actions
    >They will eventually leave, but it is the Santa Barbara County community that ultimately pays the price for their actions

    See what I did there? I pointed out the irony of a transient population blaming a transient population for it’s problems. At the end of the day, all you students are just passing through, and nobody gives a shit what you want, or your pathetic sense of entitlement.

    • Perfect. Please run for President.

    • To say nothing of self-centered egoism. “We” paid thousands of dollars? Perhaps a few of you, but mostly someone else did, along with the taxpayers who will pick up the cost of those loans that default and provide the subsidies you qualify for. Giving up your “rights”, “free speech”, etc: Oh yes, you proudly oppose any other viewpoints than those of your indoctrinators and use code words to marginalize any other viewpoint, especially those that have factual support…I was young and in college once, but in or out of college, I also put my fun ahead of courtesy to others. I didn’t have to wait long to grow up and realize the errors of my actions. One would thank that, by now, the current generations would learn from our mistakes. Nope. No progress.

      • That’s a big one mirted and the first thing that hit me…”WE” paid tens of thousands of dollars…if loans , you haven’t paid them yet…most likely “opm” other people’s money who did work for it…this young indulged moron is definitely a future congressional candidate or even president!

  12. Wow. Completely incoherent jackassery.

  13. The only thing you have a right to as a student of UCSB or the local junior college there is an education and to be assured of safety while you are going to school. You don’t have a right to party, especially since most of you are not even old enough to drink. Drinking alcohol, smoking pot and taking other drugs while in school is not really what one would consider a “right,” but rather a “bad habit.” You may be able to behave as badly as you wish out in Isla Vista, however you may find it difficult to control the consequences for your bad behavior. Because for every choice you make in life, there is always a price to be paid. You will pay a price for everything you say, everything you do and the way you choose to think. And maturity is looking at the price tag (the consequence) BEFORE you take the action. Santa Barbara and Isla Vista are probably wonderful places to live, but they have no obligation to allow their neighborhoods to be taken over by drunken and loaded louts behaving badly, whether they are students or not. The students of your area must learn, just as students all over the world have learned for years, that going to college is an opportunity for learning. Perhaps you need to learn to mind your manners and obey the law. Your letter seems to indicate that you are learning a little about writing at school. Perhaps you can use that skill to undertake a more worthy cause than paving the way for a bunch of spoiled college kids to party too much over Spring Break. Lets see…one of the Duponts was given probation last week after being convicted for raping his 3 year old daughter, because the judge felt that prison would be too harsh a punishment for this sensitive man. Why not write about something like that? Something that really matters – an actual travesty – rather than an issue about which you will probably be ashamed 20 years from now?

  14. The greatest privilege in the world is an education. Not a “right”. No excuse for this animal childish behavior. Grow up kids. People all over the world would give everything they own to be able to take these children’s place. Expel all who were involved or caught.

    • I had a college professor who once said, “An education is the most expensive item that one is willing to pay for and not receive.”

  15. The “author” of this horribly written piece (of crap) needs some mental Phillips of Magnesia and a few doses of verbal Imodium. Just think…this is what is going to be running our Country in 30 years. God help us all.

  16. I urge people to visit the UCSB campus after the dust settles and take a good look at the students who are stumbling about. I, for one, detect that a huge decline in the gene pool has taken place. Perhaps it is due to poor nutrition or inbreeding, but gone is that university filled with beautiful girls and handsome young men. It is the clearest sign of the “Decline of the West.” A great civilization can’t continue with a population of homely weaklings unsuited for struggle.

    A further note:

    With all the phone cameras in use, surely there must be some good photos of those who engaged in property destruction. Rewards should be offered for the submittal of photos to the IVPD. This would allow the identification and rounding up of the criminals, and prosecutions could take place. A good three-to-five year jail term for these felons would serve to warn other would-be criminals.
    Recompense for the physical destruction should be obtained from the parents of these young criminals.

  17. Paul Lyons says:

    The only thing this letter proves is what we’ve always known….that American college kids are, for the most part, under-educated, over-opinionated, ignorant lemmings.

  18. Brigham Young University is consistently ranked as the #1 Sober School.

    Recently it was ranked by Business Insider Magazine the #1 college where students are “Hot and Smart.”


    Seriously, when it’s time to look for a job, employers do take note.

    “Philip Babcock, assistant professor of economics at University of California, Santa Barbara, who recently issued a report on the decline in studying time among college students with Mindy Marks, an economist at the University of California, Riverside: Full-time college students in the 1960s studied 24 hours per week, on average, whereas their counterparts today study 14 hours per week. The 10-hour decline is visible for students from all demographic groups and of all cognitive abilities, in every major and at every type of college. … Put simply, thinking requires effort. If colleges no longer require this kind of effort, how could students hope to acquire these skills and how could colleges hope to instill them?”

    “College diplomas not worth the paper they are written on”

    What are they doing instead of studying?

    Have we reached a point where so much is at stake in a person’s future, not to mention the debt they carry, that society should re-think the normalization of the use of alcohol? Not to ban it, but to bring a scientific understanding of the actual harm done to the brain, in the short and long term?

    Dr. Daniel Amen has thousands of brain SPECT scan showing the effects of alcohol on the brain. The scans reveal areas where the blood flow has been impeded. A healthy brain looks smooth. An alcohol addicted brain looks acid eaten. Dr. Amen says:

    “There tends to be several similarities seen among classes of abused drugs. The most common similarity among drug and alcohol abusers is that the brain has an overall toxic look to it. In general, the SPECT Scan studies look less active, more shriveled, and overall less healthy. A “scalloping effect” is common amongst drug abusing brains. Normal brain patterns show smooth activity across the cortical surface. Scalloping is a wavy, rough sea-like look on the brain’s surface. I also see this pattern in patients who have been exposed to toxic fumes or oxygen deprivation. My research assistant says that the drug brains she has seen look like someone poured acid on the brain. Not a pretty site.”

    At the link, scroll down to see the alcohol damaged brains:


    If we are now making a living mostly by using our brains instead of in the old way of relying on our backs and brute force, shouldn’t we take more consideration of what we put in our bodies which has a toxic effect on our brain?

  19. John Campbell says:

    This is a truly sad letter. The one thing that this alleged student didn’t mention, the one thing that he/she left out and didn’t care to cover, beyond not using their real name as at lest some moniker of integrity, is the fact that these students are temporary residents. They will leave when school is out and they will leave permanently once school is completed. Yet, they will demand that those who live there and pay the taxes should suffer whatever these unruly students leave behind permanently. Not one thought given to the people who are forced to endure yet another excuse to not take action against those who will find any excuse to disturb the peace. Not one thought given to respect for others than themselves, respect that in their version is a major question mark. After all, the writer even accompanies their view with threats.

    “Deltopia does not have an official day (unlike Halloween); it is not set in stone. Because of this, students should think of creative ways to out-maneuver law enforcement in this game of cat and mouse. If Deltopia gets ruined this weekend then have it again the following weekend, or better yet, have Floatopia. I assure you, the urge to rage will long outlast the budget of Santa Barbara to keep sending in large numbers of police. It should be noted that 85 percent of complaints received about noise, music and disturbing the peace are called in by law enforcement themselves, in order to “justify” the dissolution of social gatherings in Isla Vista.”

    “think of creative ways to out-maneuver law enforcement”

    “I assure you, the urge to rage will long outlast the budget of Santa Barbara”

    This same writer doesn’t seem to think the Officers are hired to do a job and with ordinances whose parameters are in writing for doing so. It maters not to them/he/her/whomever so long as they get their way regardless of what they do to others.

    The problem with this attitude is we all see the results from decades of experience. Just this one. Just that one. Each year it gets added to with the ever pushing of the envelope just a bit more. Now it a fire and a death and yet this individual wants to blame such on the people who live there permanently. In a way, it is their fault. Had this been nipped in the bud years ago there wouldn’t be someone so brazen as to put such pathetic garbage to print, to say nothing of recent events. “Neo-fascist”? The writers own parentage, or lack thereof, on full display.

    • “Because of this, students should think of creative ways to out-maneuver law enforcement in this game of cat and mouse. If Deltopia gets ruined this weekend then have it again the following weekend, or better yet, have Floatopia. I assure you, the urge to rage will long outlast the budget of Santa Barbara to keep sending in large numbers of police.”

      Thinking like a child…

  20. Ha ha, California, the retarded clown child of the liberal left.

  21. Wow, a long letter, and a waste of time. It should have been summed up in one sentence, “Dudes, leave us alone we want to party!”

    I particularly like the line, “Think of… what we are entitled to.” Spoken like a true spoiled brat Liberal.

  22. This letter was obviously written by someone at The Onion who, for some reason, wants to make UCSB students look like idiots. The neo fascist militaristic police force is unlikely to have such a clever writer.

    • “This is an open letter from an author named “Isla Vista.” I love how the author is completely anonymous. I wonder what grade his leftist ‘English’ professor gave him/her/them/it?

  23. This letter is a howler!

    “Power to the people!” “No Justice no Peace!”

    Let’s consider “what WE pay.”

    You pay nothing. Your parents pay. Or if you have a scholarship, then a donor pays. Or the Tax Payer foots the overhead and tuition. Or you took out a low interest loan on part of one trillion of outstanding student debt, which the Taxpayers will be stuck with when you default 20 years from now.

    In return for all this largess, YOUR OBLIGATION is to learn to be a responsible citizen in 4 years (not 5 or 6) and join the rest of us who have to pay to educate knuckleheads like you.

    You are entitled to nothing until you join productive society. If you are working to pay for your tuition, my apologies and congratulations. If not, respect the generosity extended to you by your parents, the scholarship donors or the taxpayers who are rooting for you and wish you success.

    By the way, you need to skip the beach days and work on your writing skills.

  24. Jon Carry says:

    I have wondered how idiot Obama was not just elected, but then re-elected. Now I know. College students like those at UCSB who are more concerned with the cultural ‘party scene’ than basic education. This ‘letter’ is symbolic of a lost generation of narcissistic, ignorant arrogant fools. Just like their president.

  25. Who knew Utopia was in a police state…

  26. What a load of gobbledygook. Let’s just get to it. Young adults like to party. Young adults have hormones raging. Result: Deltopia. That’s all it is. Nothing more. Nothing less. Next.

  27. It’s simple. No non-students who make their home in IV want to think they might be caught in a riot if they happen to go out on the wrong night. They also don’t want to see their hard earned taxes pay for the resultant and sometimes extensive damage to public and private property. The damage they see will make them care less about any abuse by the police against the revelers. It’s basic logic – what’s so hard to understand?

  28. Barnacle Bill says:

    Good Lord, I am laughing out loud at how pathetic this letter writer it.

    I am pleading with you, as the author of this letter, pyrrhic victory, they can do only to us what we let them do, deserve a seat at the table, brightest minds in the zip code….LOL

    This letter is a pathetic attempt at adulthood and simply reeks of misplaced self-importance, entitlement and self-absorption.

    You need an introduction to the real world, Junior, and right quick.

  29. IV needs an IV says:

    In response to:
    “Think of what we pay, what we receive and what we are entitled to.”

    Entitlement is a principle of a fascist state of mind; seems to me the brutality and lopsidedness of the evil enforcement that offends this child will be the same one that gives, procures and protects all the entitlements they deserve.

    Hard work is much more gratifying; going out and attaining something is a struggle. The entitlements are the easy way out.

  30. Yawn, a sophomoric under-attempt at intelligence gets published. I’ve heard better logic from my 5-year old. Move along kid. Come back when you can play in the real world.

  31. Students a UCSB haven’t the backbone of their predecessors, who at least burned down a bank. Such burnings have never been more needed than they are today, but these young bed-wetters are out making loud noises and getting high. Perhaps a few keen whacks from a trenchant would help to re-boot whatever’s in their microcephalic skulls.
    It would be a good thing to bloody them up and put a hundred or so in intensive care where their pathetic parents can hold a sniveling vigil. There’s nothing like a “whiff of grapeshot” to put down such disturbances.

    • Advocating the commission of felonies by students, who if caught would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, is cruel advice. No parent wants their child’s future to be compromised by a criminal record. People could be hurt or killed. Who could live with themselves for participating in that type of destructiveness?

      • Ah, the leaf doesn’t fall from the tree. The parental logic is weak as their offspring. They seen not to realize that these microcephalic children are already committing felonies, but they care not.

      • If they were caught, mommy and daddy’s attorney would be called-in to wipe their butts…

      • Advocating mob violence is also a felony. “IronGate” may have been a prophetic choice of handle.

        • Where do you see “advocating mob violence? Reading comprehension a problem? Au contraire, I am condemning it. The “Whiff of Grapeshot” is about putting down mob violence.

          • Now I’m worried about misinterpretation of my comments.
            My comment was made in a jocular sense and in no way advocating of mob violence. As one can see in the above referenced comment, it calls for methods of putting down violence — and, again in a jocular sense. See 5:26 above. The methods are Napolionic.

    • irongate = troll

  32. This is what you get after years of giving kids things they don’t earn . This is the kinda crap you end up with when everyone gets a trophy when the show up for a sports program . This is what you get when you never tell a kid he’s WRONG ,or HE LOST . It will only get worse an it will spread .. It’ like an sickness that is contagious .If this kind of education an indoctrination continues much longer the kids will turn on the parents big time .

    • We assume that as society develops technologically that it progresses ethically and morally. Apparently not. Some of these people are 3, 4 or 5 generations from being grounded in any type of faith or religion, or even ethics which teaches them to hold to higher standards of behavior and responsibility. The regression to the mean is anything they can get away with.

    • What do you expect from a liberal? Of course he wants everything and gives nothing back to the community. Like his going to school for part of the year is a big deal and he needs a special day to commemorate himself. F’in liberals. World would be a better place and people would respect each other if liberals were gone.

  33. Mike Johnson says:

    I when to the Facebook Page. The Sheriff was telling people is was illegal to have bands or music that could be hear publicly. What an abomination against the freedom Americans are said to enjoy.

    • Max Power says:

      Time to repeat English 101

    • Wabash Sphinx says:

      Clearly, the admissions process made some errors the first time around. My suggestion is to send all students home and invite them to re-apply for admission to serious academic programs.

  34. Anto Fenter says:

    I’d say 20 is the new 12 but that’s not so new anymore. Something is in the air or water.. Used to be adult hormones kicked in in young adulthood. Not anymore. Watch them act like children. They will never have a good life.

  35. grumpyolguy says:

    Grow up dude!
    You can’t get drunk and fight, and then throw things at the police who are sent to restore order, without having consequences. You talk about “working hard” and “relieving stress”? You have not even begun the some 43 years of work that you face if you graduate and are fortunate enough to get a job. How’s that for stress? Shut up and deal with it.

  36. I hope all these “student” get no further than window monkey at Mickey D’s.

  37. Mr. Polite says:

    I, as the author of this reply, encourage you to take some journalism classes before we fall victim to terminal boredom.

  38. Bonehead Isla Vista says:


    What makes UC Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College students such Boneheads is their enormous sense of entitlement and self-importance. You have relinquished nothing and believe it or not do not have any rights, various or otherwise “to party.” Do not forget the student drinking and smoking that have taken place in Isla Vista over these many years. Do not forget the young people who have died during your revelries. And do not forget the drain on county resources required to police your stunts.

    I, as the author of this letter, encourage Santa Barbara Residents to remain steadfast in your commitment to tell the Boneheads in I.V. that we’re tired of their juvenile nonsense. We need to exercise greater influence on criminal behavior in I.V. or at the very least, what we allow the partiers to do while they are living there. They will eventually leave, but it is the Santa Barbara community that ultimately pays the price for their actions.

    Deltopia does not have an official day; it is not set in stone. Because of this, Santa Barbara residents should think of creative ways to out-maneuver I.V. Boneheads in this game of cat and mouse. I assure you, the Force to stop Deltopia is strong and will be there always. It should be noted that 85 percent of stuff written in the original letter that I am responding to is incomprehensible drivel.

    I.V. Boneheads treat the Santa Barbara residents as if they should just put up with their dim-witted antics. Contrarily, Santa Barbara residents are hard-working people of various means who support through taxes and otherwise the I.V. Boneheads in their self-indulgent demands “to party.” COME ON SANTA BARBARA! We pay tens of millions of dollars to subsidize these low-brow party hounds to attend an otherwise fine university just so that they can hold their annual spring break romp. Do not let these students turn our city into a alcohol-soaked slum.

    To the IV Boneheads:
    I am pleading with you, as the author of this letter, to not underestimate the efficacy and resolve of the millions of taxpayers residing in California. Everyone agrees that we would like Isla Vista to be safe. When I.V. Boneheads want to coax us into acquiescing to their interests then they leverage every resource and network to reach us. Yet, during and after their colossal bacchanals we are expected to take them to hospitals, clean up the mess, and pay the bills.

    The residents that live in Santa Barbara do not wish to be put upon in a way that lightly channels neo-fascism. We have some of the brightest minds in the country, why not try to work with us rather than against us? Don’t forget the burning down of Embarcadero Hall (formerly known as Bank of America), when hundreds of students went berserk. Have you forgotten already? So I’m certain you understand our reluctance to listen to your demands, although we would like to. There should be greater dialogue between those that pay the bills around here and the I.V. Boneheads who demand the right “to party.”

    The I.V. Boneheads should be thankful for the presence of law enforcement. College, in a concrete sense, is supposed to be a place to learn a useful skill, not a place to waste time partying.

    This is a letter not only in defense of the people who pay for the consequences of Deltopia, but also in the defense of preserving a civil society that has evolved over the years. This is a letter encouraging students to critically think about why they are paying to attend university and why it’s inappropriate to whine about the so-called right “to party.” Think of what you pay, what you receive and what you stand to lose by taking an adversarial stance against the community that supports you. You should definitively decide how much self-importance, entitlement, and intolerance you display to the citizens of this city who call this place home.

    • Why is it that narcissists cannot understand the use of hyphenated words?

    • There are thousands that attend UCSB. The GPA and SAT scores to enter are very high. So you slur the students when you call them boneheads.

      There are many that as you observe spend more time getting drunk and or high than studying. But you could go to many large universities public or private and find the same excellence and problems.

      If you look at the top ten party schools in 2012 & 2013 you dont find UCSB
      West Va, U of Wisc, U of Co, USC, Fla. St, U of Tx, LSU, U of Ga, AZ st. (ASU), U of Maryland, Virginia. U of Fla, Vanderbilt, Tulane, TCU, OSU.

      I would argue that University of Wisconsin Madison would be about the worst offender of self indulgent out of control undergrads. But that would be unfair to those that do get a good education there and keep their eye on the ball.

      Frankly your rant sounds like something from a rest home, where the residents have forgotten what they did as young men and women.

      • @Gaucho – Damn! You take the fun out of everything. I was happy trolling but you shut everything down for me by pointing out that superior GPAs and SATs trump all. Hey wait, that is the position that pro-deltoid guy was arguing. Anonymous = Gaucho (aren’t you glad to be outted? ) (why are people for or against deltoids anyway?

      • Moral relativism does not justify Animal-House behaviors. High SAT’s/GPA’s are not mutually exclusive of, or justify, illegal, rude or moronic actions…

    • Oh, geez! Now I don’t know what to think. Do I support vagrant students or the gap-toothed townies? They both make good arguments, although somehow reminiscent of one another.

  39. It would be interesting to see how many of those juvenile rebel-rousing so-called students would strive to continue their so-called education at UC Santa Barbara and Santa Barbara City College if their parents suddenly decided to discontinue paying their tuition and lodging expenses.

    • I would bet UCSB would still be turning away thousands and thousands of potential applicants.

      In case you missed it, UCSB is very hard to get into.

      • In response your statement that “UCSB is very hard to get into” – What, is there no slack affirmative action entitlement program there?

        So-called progressives would consider (no, change that word to “feel”) that such a lack of a get into UCSB card is blatantly RACIST and must be denounced by uncivil rebellion!

        • The Bakke case was at the UC system. So supposedly race cannot be taken into account when considering admission. That does not mean that certain demographic measures cannot be used (address, income), as well as looking at first and last names, and if that fails, reading the essay that is also submitted.

          For a system that supposedly values “diversity” there is a very high percentage of Asians attending all UC campuses. Yet the low numbers of Latinos and African Americans would argue that race preferences are not being used.

          Twice denied admission to a California medical school despite better grades and test scores than successful minority applicants, Allan Bakke took his grievance to court and set off a major controversy over affirmative action. Bakke claimed that he was a victim of reverse discrimination, and his case has been considered by many as the most important civil rights decision since the end of segregation-and also one of the most difficult ever heard by the Supreme Court.

          • Thanks for providing the background information.

            Somehow I doubt that many if any Asian students would be raising a ruckus in that locale.

    • UnPoliticallyCorrect says:

      @ Gaucho – yet you omit the Hopwood vs University of Texas SCOTUS ruling, well after the Bakke ruling, when sumed up states the following:

      Race/Gender can be considered in admittance into a college or a higher degreed college program, but race/gender cannot be the sole factor in setasides for how many “minorities” will be accepted over more highly qualified “white” applicants.

      In other words – if you are looking to fill 50 new slots for law school, the school cannot arbitrarily set aside 10 seats for minorities no matter what; they have to put all 50 seats on the competitiom block and allocated all 50 seas to the best candidates, though race/gender can be a factor in the equation.

      In short, “minority” status alone can, and often is what permits one person the ability to gain entrance in to a college or a higher degreed college program over a non minority status applicant. If you are a woman, black and gay – even more priority is given to your application over a male white heterosexual.

  40. Rambling and redundant. This was written by a student of one of the colleges he is defending as a place of educational excellence?

  41. You want adults to listen to you and acknowledge that you exsist. All I read was poor little US,we are so put upon. No one cares you party,but when you act like gang bangers and think you have rights,sorry kids,get a life and grow up

  42. Fred Zarguna says:

    I can only hope that this letter was written by a high school student about to embark on his career at some place other than UCSB or SBCC.

    A minimum of self-respect requires at least a cursory proof-reading of what a putatively well-educated person posts. In addition to numerous grammatical errors and malapropisms [lobbied, for example, does not mean what you seem to think it means] the style is repetitive and soporific.

    Consider having a friend, parent, or teacher peruse and critique your efforts in the future.

  43. Waaah! Waaaaahhh!

    Whine! Snivel! Pout!


  44. To the “students’ (using that term lightly). You aren’t “entitled” (using a word from this letter) to SQUAT. You’re supposed to be learning and developing as good citizens, not partying and puking because you think you’re entitled to such crass behavior. People are right to complain, and the police are right to come down hard on you. You are supposed to be setting a higher bar, you know?

  45. hinckleybuzzard says:

    Anyone who does not yet get the hazards and pitfalls of the “age of entitlement,” need only digest the first few lines of this infantile screech.

  46. Jonathan Tutor says:

    To the Drudge crowd,

    Yes, this kid is an entitled brat.

    However, it sounds like the police fired tear gas into a crowd for being too loud. I have to side with the students on this one.
    The increased militarization of the police forces here is alarming. Obama has created his own military of the DHS.

    • Comparing the modern Deltopia and Halloween to the days of the bank burning and the following crack down by SB Sheriff’s Dept, shows a lack of real understanding. After the bank burning, any group over 8 was a problem, no knock warrants for entry, etc. Paranoia is not a strong enough word for the IV atmosphere. There was no way one would conceive of a party over 100 people.
      Within a couple of years, things relaxed and the forerunner to Halloween started up. All just a good time party. But as Halloween on DP got bigger and bigger in the 1980s, the police would be called to clear the street on big DP parties. Riot squads, etc would demand everyone to disperse. Maybe 400-500 people at most at a party.

      As I no longer meet the age that would be appropriate to go to Deltopia, I have not seen it. But when you talk about 15,000 partying on DP, that is about equal to the whole population of IV. No wonder riot squads and tear gas are out there to clear the streets.

      I have seen it, a bunch of drunk students etc that wont move, the police bullhorns, mounted officers, riot gear…eventually a bottle or two fly and it is on.

      but to compare the right to party to the anti war protests of the 1969-71, well is a lack of historical perspective by the author.

    • answer guy says:

      Ummmm… they fired teargas because they were defending themselves from being attacked by bricks and glad bottles. Thousands of them. I dunno know about you but if someone throws a bottle or a brick at my head I’d be pretty pissed. Id probably want to defend myself with mite than just tear gas.

  47. Margaret Sachs says:

    The letter writer describes himself as “educated” but doesn’t know the difference between “that” and “who.”

  48. anonymoose says:

    The students would like to invite everyone to visit their campus and give them a taste of their own medicine.

  49. You spoiled young punks need a good ass kicking. Period.

  50. I own a small consulting business which does scientific studies for large companies. I hate to say it, but when a resume comes from someone who graduated from UCSB or a couple of other liberally oriented schools it goes right into the trash.

    I have been very disappointed in the level of education these students receive (lack of hard sciences and math) and the apparent “I’m entitled” attitude of the applicants.

    Give me someone who went to a “blue collar” school who has had to work their way through their education, and I can give the the opportunity to really make a difference.

    • You don’t understand…it’s the “beacon of the educational process”!

    • What? The University of Wisc at Madison… or maybe USC (University of Spoiled Children)…I suppose your consulting business has a bunch of CVs that list proud graduates of some City College? That would really impress your clients.

      I would suggest to you, for the benefit of your business, that to dismiss any applicant based solely on the location of their school would be foolish.

      When prospecting, one goes to the most likely area to look. That doesn’t mean one might not get lucky and find a gem in an unlikely spot.

      For example Harvard, Yale, Caltech, MIT are places you most likely find genius. Most of the Presidents of the United States come from Harvard or Yale. Most great scientists come from MIT and or Caltech. Not that you might not find a genius at an out of the way spot like Eastern Oregon State U etc. ..But chances are not so good.

      UCSB is not MIT, but it sure isn’t EOSU. The average freshman enrolled has a 3.75 GPA and 1800 combined SAT score. That shows the average student at UCSB has worked hard towards a long term goal to be admitted to a good school. Further to stay in school, they are competing in a pool of students that can and have achieved.

      It is clear you are selling them short based on a clear bias.

      • As I say in my note my experience has been that UCSB doesn’t require much science to give someone a “Science” degree, and the graduates seem to think they are due something.

        I am not looking for “geniuses”. I am looking for creative and smart people who can work hard, sacrifice for the team and complete an assigned task.

        I am looking for someone who says, “My work product comes first. I come second.” Or “Work first, then play”.

        I am only offering this insight because I am an employer. If you don’t want to work with me, that’s fine, but I suspect what I am looking for in an employee is typical of most employers.

    • So you’re saying you choose work ethic over education? Are you implying that you can teach someone skills, but you can’t teach them principles? Hmm…that’s interesting….

  51. fungoking says:

    Santa Barbara…..

    Looks like Sean has taken up writing now that Psych is done.

  52. Dave , long since graduated says:

    “Think of what we pay , . . . and what we are ENTITLED to”
    Apparently the author feels that paying tuition for a college education, ” Entitles” you to something other than the education. Interesting.
    I assume many others living nearby feel that paying their taxes, entitles them to a safe and peaceful existence, free from others whom feel ” entitled” to do whatever they please. This entitlement is a two way street, if you really believe in entitlement.

  53. Instead of having to blow of steam at others expense, why don’t you energetic children get real jobs, producing something? A hard days work so you don’t have all that pent-up energy to be rowdy brats?

    Oh, I forgot. Those who proceeded you in the hallowed halls sent those jobs away. The banksters and the regulators. Let some brown people thousands of miles away slave, while we philosopher-kings can sit in our high-rises, billing and taxing productive citizens. It is after all, our right to regulate and control since we spent several years reading books and writing papers between occasional rioting.

    I disagree that this flowery prose scribbler will be an unemployed parasite. A future of parasitism as a cheerleader for the Political Class is in the cards.

  54. Papa Bear says:

    Whilst? Sounds like it might have been written by a Limey!

    • My thought exactly. “Whilst” should go home and never come back. Many UCSB students are still hippies. Grow up.

  55. Self_indulgent twaddle.

  56. heh. Should be interesting to hear this panty wetter when the student loans come due and he is slinging coffee at starbux for rent $$$ after kollege(sic). Assuming he isn’t living in mommy ad daddy’s basement.

  57. Happy John says:

    Why did the author of this letter not use his/her real name? If they feel so strongly about their position, and it is an open letter, use your real name.

    Meanwhile, I’m hiding my identity because recent history has shown the Obama’s followers, the New Brown Shirts, will attack anyone they don’t like. Don’t see any Conservatives causing physical harm except in the defense of the flag, US Constitution, or another person.

  58. This letter is all me, me, me. Sadly this person will never be a taxpaying citizen. He will be perfectly happy to let the government pay for and raise his spawn because he will have many. It is his right you know, to over drink, defecate and have sex in public. Let someone else clean up the mess. Good job mom and dad!

  59. Cry baby, cry…
    Make your mother sigh.
    She’s old enough to know better,
    so Cry baby Cry.

  60. Oracle Jones says:

    to me

    A spiritual teacher spoke on politics and pointed out that what we see expressed in the world is either a maternal or paternal view of the world. The maternal (Democrats) see all her children as equal and deserving of the same care regardless of whether of not they are good or bad, productive or lazy. The paternal (Republicans) see all as only deserving what they have earned.

    He pointed out that when these views are in balance society succeeds. The production from the paternal is sufficient to care for the dependents of the maternal.

    He also stated that if a person is not a Democrat when they are young, they have no heart, and that if a person is not a Republican when they are older they have no brain.

    (A liberal is defined as a conservative that hasn’t been mugged)

    • Anto Fenter says:

      “The maternal (Democrats) see all her children as equal and deserving of the same care regardless of whether of not they are good or bad, productive or lazy”

      Democrats do not love good or productive.

    • oh behave says:

      Oracle, thanks, I like this description…think I’ll steal it.

  61. Anon is Idiot says:

    Translation of his open letter: “I get to do anything I want, you don’t. You have to pay for my immaturity and I refuse to give it up.” This is a spoiled little mind. I can’t wait for this loser to show up for a job interview.

    • Anon Is Barely Literate says:

      My 8th Grade English teacher would have sent that essay back with more red on it than a slaughterhouse wall. Yet the writer was not just accepted into college, but into the once-prestigious UC system.

      You adequately summarized Anon’s 1000 words of drivel.

  62. Well, this should justify the water canons.

  63. Verballistic says:

    The far-left college punk that wrote this twisted piece of garbage is probably posting his Anonymous blog from the safety of Mommy’s basement, from which he commutes to UCSB.

    • Just Sayn says:

      You got to fight…. for your right… to PAAAAAARTY. UCSB is now a joke school. We all partied in school to blow off some steam, but we went to school to learn first, party second.
      Over the last few months we learned the Profs are a joke and the students are a joke. If I went there I would transfer and not mention it on any resume.

    • Anonymous reduces the value of every UCSB degree. Those of us in the real world who pay taxes and hire people discount the credentials of students from party schools. Partiers from party schools are of little interest as employees. The noise ordinances may restrict your freedom, but your freedom to make choices to party are largely in place. All choices have consequences.

    • I think you meant Santa Barbara a City College or high school in Van Nuys, (no commute on the latter, just hoping to get accepted at SBCC).

  64. As a recent ucsb graduate, this letter is some pretty cringe worthy stuff.

  65. Anonymous Authoe says:

    You ‘activist’ students have combined with the Hollywood set to ruin Santa Barbara.

    If you believe that burning the Bank of America, or rioting last night, are forms of self-expression…you are depraved.

    We can only hope a dose of responsibility and maturity will infect you very very soon.

  66. Ah, it’s nice to see that Maude and the Dude’s love – child is all grown up and following in his father’s footsteps.

    • Verballistic says:

      These irresponsible leftist bastards always want to blame the “neo-fascist” cops, when the problem is actually a bunch of spoiled college brats who have yet to get a taste of life in the real world.

  67. How much taxpayer subsidised state and federal aid does OP receive?

  68. Hey kids, you want to be treated like adults? Then start acting like ones!

  69. Basically the taxpayer should fund their education and healthcare etc, but how dare we ask them not to riot and burn the town down…liberalism is a mental disorder.

  70. I think it is really just an attempt at sarcasm and irony, because I hope the author is not wasting his/her opportunity at a UofC education. My son goes to another campus, but actually studies and is getting the grades he needs to get into med school. Since I am paying the tuition, I highly appreciate his efforts.

    If the author is being serious, I hope his/her parents don’t find out. ‘Course, they could be dopers, too.

  71. The UCSB liberals want big government to control every aspect of everyone else’s lives and at the same time look the other way while they riot, rape and burn the town down????

  72. It would appear college and pre-school have become one and the same…

  73. “…express yourselves in however you deem sufficient…”

    English major, no doubt.

  74. how wonderful! the nexus will now get a taste of the sewage pipe of hate that is the drudge audience.

    • You’re the one spewing hate, close your “sewage pipe”…..

    • Didn’t anyone ever teach you that painting millions of people with a single, wide brush makes you look ignorant and your point irrelevant?

    • You must be a student vs a taxpayor!

    • The only sewage pipes of hate I see come in the form of this borderline pathological letter and your own comment, g.

    • Gawd you are really stupid.

    • g: “sewage pipe of hate that is the drudge audience.” PLEASE GIVE EXPLICIT EXAMPLES OF “HATE”, OR shut the F up.

    • Anto Fenter says:

      Kinda edgy the way you eschew capitalization. You’re not like everybody else!

    • I see you are yet another leftist that doesn’t know that Matt Drudge does NOT write the articles. He only posts links to other news sites and some of the articles are from leftwing news sites. I hope you feel really stupid now because you sure look it. The hate I see every day comes from the left more than 90% of the time.

  75. I doubt that a fourth grader would be motivated to write a letter on this topic…if this is an example of the intellect of a UCSB college student,then the billions of dollars that the taxpayers are paying for secondary education are being completely wasted.

  76. Sounds like a whiny, budding Ted Bundy to me. Hope Eric Holder got wind of Anonymous.

  77. This is awesome. UCSB where the “educated”, feminist professor assaults and robs a pro-life activist. The administration writes a non-apologetic letter demonizing Christians. Now students are writing open letters about their right to do whatever they want.

    This is a real college education. So much diversity and experience and self-finding. Wow, anonymous, could you help me set up a campus tour for my kids? I want them to have an education just like yours…

  78. He has a point regarding police brutality. I predict the bankruptcy of many municipalities in no small part due to police brutality and the resultant lawsuits.

  79. Joe Drager says:

    What a miserable advertisement for this school of higher learning.

  80. First of all- NO ONE should ever be anonymous if they really believe in what they are writing. You are a coward.
    Your sense of entitlement is egotistical and narcissistic- are you aware of the number of “date rape” incidents that occur in IV? Are you aware of the law enforcement officers that were injured trying to keep you safe last night?
    Are you aware of the number of parents who were in SB last night with their prospective students- deciding whether or not their sons and daughters belong there?
    Do you really believe that because you pay tuition and rent you can dictate how the university should be run? Your financial contribution does not begin to cover the cost of your being here and having access to what you seemingly are taking for granted. The same applies to SBCC – which could not be as fine a school as it is without the HUGE support of local donors and institutions.
    Whoever you are Anonymous, you are wasting a precious spot that a grateful student could have taken at UCSB – someone who wanted to get an education more than you do.

  81. They're payin for it, you eat it says:

    You should all be happy, a police state is exactly what all of you are advocating for every single time you express your socialist/communist views

    • Yet they think they are so hip, cutting edge and smart. Colleges and universities today are a huge waste of money. There are some good schools out there but not many. Sad state of affairs.

  82. Folks, this is an example of the “Worst Generation”.

    God help us.

  83. Oh hey wow man! Dope never hurt no one’s ability to write a letter, man.

  84. It’s militantly laughable.

  85. I look forward to denying this person a job should they ever apply.

  86. Entitlement is the focus of this poorly written and anonymous letter.

    I hate to tell you Anonymous, but you are not entitled to anything outside the scope of what your parents are likely paying for, and that is an education at said institutions.

    While you claim that law enforcement submits 85% of the complaints to justify the alleged harassment, you provide no proof of such facts.

    Bottom line is that you and your mostly underage friends are violating the drinking laws in the state of California. Upsetting the peace with vandalism, loud music and poor behavior is most likely a byproduct of excessive consumption of alcohol. This by no means is a right that you have even after becoming legal.

    In fact, for those who have reached the legal drinking age, it is now your responsibility to ensure that those who are underage are not consuming alcohol, not contributing to it.

    I think Anonymous needs a lesson in civics. Clearly your mother and father have been your friends and not your parents. Otherwise you would have been taught the proper way to behave and be respectful of not just the laws, but of how your behavior will impact those around you.

  87. williampenn says:

    Translation: we’re young, we have Mommy and Daddy’s credit cards, and we’ll do what we want. Society’s rules don’t apply to us.

  88. Wow talk about a spoiled brat liberal POS.

  89. My kids a dipshit

  90. Whoever wrote this is simply a bad writer. Awkward syntax. Misuse of some terms. And obvious attempts at seeming ever so intellectual. Aren’t there any grownups watching?

  91. I hope this ‘student’ takes a few more english classes.

  92. Guetsy McGuest says:

    I guess this entitled bonehead didn’t feel his/her views were important enough to use his/her name.

    Anonymous open letters don’t count idiot. If you really believe in these adolescent views you’d have the courage to attach your identity.

  93. Curmudgeon10 says:

    And people wonder why college grads are having such a hard time getting work. If I was hiring people, UCSB resumes would go in the trash.

  94. anonymous says:

    The Nexus should be ashamed for running this open letter. Clearly, this social “party scene” entitlement concept was all too well embraced last night at Deltopia. I’m a UCSB alum who lived on DP for three years and what happened is just unbelievable and unacceptable.

  95. LOL talk about egg on the face. Good luck having another one of these. What is wrong with you people? We never f’d stuff up like tonight.

  96. The police are here because people are breaking the law. Yes, it is good to have a social scene. But people under 21 who get drunk are breaking the law and potentially endangering themselves. Older people are breaking the law if they are drunk in public. So the police have to be here to enforce it. I do think the drinking age should be lowered, since obviously it’s difficult to enforce. But until that day, the police are supposed to be arresting people who break it.
    I also realize that police have oppressed people. But this isn’t the Jim Crow South, or the time of the Vietnam War. The laws the police are enforcing are not morally unjust. There are other, perfectly legal ways to have fun.

  97. Yup. You said itself… you’re entitled. Apparently you deserve something because you’re in school (though but not smart enough to recognize things called… laws). You’re pissing away your education while people working ten times harder than you can’t even get into this school. I think you should have some respect for yourself and actually earn something instead of just feeling entitled to it. Other people wish they were so lucky.

    • The police who are cracking skulls aren’t smart enough to get into school. IQ’s over 100 are generally removed from eligibility for police work. You should consider that fact in your world view.

      • Duck Dodger says:

        Hey kid, you do realize that the average cop out there today has a college degree, right? And unlike you loser college kids, they have JOBS. So please don’t talk about things like “world views” when you’re still living on mommy and daddy’s dime and know nothing of the world.

        • I get your point, but the academic standards of the criminal justice department at xyz city college ain’t exactly Harvard, or even Arizona state…

          • And your argument is weak. Bill Gates and Mark Z don’t have a degree. Your point was?

          • g, my what a smarmy and snide piece of work you are. “the academic standards of the criminal justice department at xyz city college ain’t exactly Harvard, or even Arizona state…”
            Academic standards? You mean the sons and daughters of the Elitists are entitled? What was or is your major? “Climate Engineering”?

          • Fred Zarguna says:

            And judging by the quality of this “open letter,” they aint too high elsewhere in the CA system, either.

          • Elitist windbag.

      • Gregorovich512 says:

        One can always spot the spoiled “Richard Cranium”. It is usually the one who wants no accountability for their actions and is the first to demean anyone who tries to bust them. – - – Sorry, short stuff, but your logic and rationale already show your IQ is exceedingly lower than the police officers you so phobically hate.

      • I hope all leftists are as ignorant as you, and I have a lot more evidence than just you. Take Biden, Pelosi, and 0bama for starters.

      • miserable little cuck suckers like you should eat sheet and die.

  98. Local law enforcement agencies should zealously enforce the public’s
    right to use the beach, rather than harass people. Law enforcement officials including
    sheriff’s deputies should be educated about the public’s right of access to the beach.

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