UCSB Gulps Up Grant Money

Thanks to an influx of federal and state funding, UCSB’s Alcohol & Drug Program will be expanding and refining its services over the next two years.

Chickens in Isla Vista

If you live somewhere in the vicinity of the Biko house, you live the daily turmoil of being woken up in the morning by… What?

County Aids Pharmacy Costs

In an effort to lower the cost of prescription medica¬tions, Santa Barbara County is now offering residents a discounted drug card.

Stimulus To Aid Research

Select UCSB programs will feel a slight reprieve from the budget crunch thanks to $36 million in grants awarded to researchers through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

GOP Comedians Make a Joke out of Health Care Reform

You can imagine the chamber’s collective sigh of relief when Congressman Joe Wilson had the audacity to satire the uneasy situation as he poked fun at Republicans’ misinformation tactics by shouting “You lie!” to President Obama’s assertion that no illegal immigrant would be covered by HR 3200.

SB Slows at Stanford

At the end of a hot September day, both the men’s and the women’s cross country squads came away with sixth-place finishes in the Stanford Cross Country Invitational, though it looked for much of the race as if the women would come away with a top-five finish. Amanda Moreno was in 15th place overall with half a mile to go when she was forced to exit the race because of an asthma attack.

Greek System Draws Plethora of Students

Last week, over 600 students participated in the Greek system’s annual Fall rush.

Obama’s Health Care Plan Sells Public a Package of Lies

Can the bureaucracy, that will supply “free” taxpayer subsidized services, be in any business other than the destruction of the private sector and individual control over health care choices? Has utopia been realized? Of course not.

Playoff Chases

As we hit the home stretch of another season in Major League Baseball, a couple playoff spots are still up for grabs, much like the regular season awards that await the game’s best in show. Need some help sorting out all the madness? Step aside, Buster Olney, it’s time for a real expert to weigh in.

A.S. Allocates First Funds of the Year

In its opening meeting of the year, Associated Students Finance Board allocated $17,437 of its $517,346 yearly budget.