Subway Sandwiches

Have you heard? “Subway is for winners” now. I’m not sure how comfortable I feel with that being said. I really can’t overstate the love-hate relationship I have with Subway.

Surfer’s Paradise

Welcome back to the pool, kids. I hope you brought your water wings. Here comes another new school year, and another surf column in your crisply folded edition of the Daily Nexus. Oddly enough, as you read this, I’ll be more than 6,000 miles away from the nearest copy of today’s Nexus. Brazil will be my home for the remainder of the quarter, so until January, I will try to paint you a picture in blue, yellow and green.

Gauchos Lose Heartbreaker

After taking second place in the Aztec Cup in San Diego two weeks ago, the UCSB men’s soccer club welcomed the University of San Francisco for their first home game of the season. Though the team was feeling confident after its strong finish at the cup, it knew better than to take the Dons lightly. However, their preparation was all for naught as USF came away with a 2-1 win.

Mayor Hopefuls Host Discussion

The five candidates for mayor of Santa Barbara met at a forum downtown last night in advance of a citywide election Nov. 3.
The potential mayors spoke to a crowd of more than 50 people, discussing problems with the city’s general fund, building height limits and medical marijuana. Candidates Stephen Cushman, Dale Francisco, Isaac Garrett, Bob Hansen and Helene Schneider will vie to replace Mayor Marty Blum in this fall’s election.

Take the Back Door to Unexpected Pleasure

Like the Academy Award-winning Three 6 Mafia says, “I love having sex, but I’d rather get some head.” This, to me, encompasses the spirit of sexual interaction. Everyone has their turn-ons and sexual preferences, and these differences make each particular interaction special.

MCP Stays in Spite of Fiscal Crisis

Despite expanding class sizes and drastic budget cuts, UCSB students will still be responsible for averaging a 15-unit course load per the Minimum Cumulative Progress policy implemented last fall.

Budget Cuts Force Students to Forage for Classes

No longer am I getting my degree in political science and history, as I am switching my major to hunting. Finding a class that one can crash has become similar to stalking a rare animal and actually being able to obtain an add code is a byproduct of luck rather than skill.

MLB End-of-Season Honors

It’s tough to deny Joe Mauer in this one. He’s batting .370 with power the likes of which no one ever thought possible (28 jacks to be precise), and has almost singlehandedly carried his club into the heart of a pennant race.

Measure To Restrict Building Size

An initiative set to appear on November’s city-wide ballot has put the focus on an oft-ignored topic: building height restrictions.

Student Finds New Experiences in Ancient City

Before taking the tiring, disorienting 12-hour flight across the Pacific Ocean to Rome, Italy, remember these two important pieces of information.