Buddha Bowls

Screenshot 2015-10-01 10.01.12

The Daily Nexus takes a look inside Buddha Bowls, IV
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What Gauchos do in the Summer

Screenshot 2015-10-01 09.58.54

Gauchos do some pretty awesome things in the summer. Check it out!
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Welcome to Paradise Carnival Recap Video


A look back on the Daily Nexus/KCSB Welcome to Paradise Carnival featuring FMLYBND.
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UCSB Hosts Vigil for Umpqua Shooting

Lorenzo Basilio/Daily Nexus

Graduate Student Association President Aaron Jones and Chicano/Chicana Studies Professor Ralph Armbruster-Sandoval hosted a candlelight vigil Thursday in front of the Student Resource Building (SRB) t...
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A.S. Discusses Halloween, Party System, Bills

Alexander Payne/Daily Nexus

The Associated Students Senate met Wednesday night at the Flying A room in the UCen to discuss changes to the A.S. Legal Code regarding political party formation and election regulations.
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Larry Calvaletto Returns to his Popular Question Booth

Tarush Mohanti/Daily Nexus

In his Peanuts-inspired booth, Larry Calvaletto is back outside Davidson Library for the 2015-2016 school year to facilitate conversations with anyone interested.
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Fantasy Sports Island: NFL Week 4

Emily Zhang/Daily Nexus

Our fantasy football aficionado, Mr. Moebus-Bowles informs us about the latest emerging players that we should all have on our radars heading into Week 4 of the NFL season.
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NFC Championship Bound: Packers & Cardinals


Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback… ever Yeah, I said it. Bring it on. Read me the NFL record book, aka Peyton Manning’s biography. Make it about jewelry, how the 31-year-old QB has just one ri...
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Women’s Soccer Opens Big West

Sydney Magnin kicks the ball to her teammate. Christina DeMarzo/Daily Nexus

Following a controlled 1-0 victory against Pacific, the UCSB women’s soccer team tops off their first Big West match of the year with a one-game road trip to 3-6-1 University of Hawaii. While expect...
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Eddie Pez – Oedipus – Rex in the Park

Courtesy of events.ucsb.edu

An excited and chattery crowd collected in Anisq’Oyo’ Park Saturday night for the opening show of Shakespeare in the Park’s version of Oedipus — Commedia dell’Arte style. Junior BFA actress,...
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Remy Boy Fetty Releases Explosive Pop Trap Album

Courtesy of rollingstone.com

The rapid rise to prominence of the Internet as a music discovery platform has revolutionized the genre of hip-hop for good. With this relatively new luxury, music fans around the world have flocked t...
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Death Cab and Best Coast Kick-Off Santa Barbara Bowl Fall Season

Kevin Chan / Daily Nexus

With the 2015 release of Death Cab For Cutie’s Kintsugi came the departure of guitarist Chris Walla. Many feared the group’s sound and stage presence would suffer on tour, myself included. After a...
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UCSB Researchers Find Possible Factor to Delay Onset of Alzheimer’s

Kenneth Kosik leads a research team to discover effects of eotaxin levels in prolonging Alzheimer's.

Although a definitive cure for Alzheimer’s is distant at this time, researchers at UCSB have discovered a possible factor important in delaying the onset of the disease. Co-authors Dr. Kenneth Kosik...
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A New Definition of ‘Cheating’

The highly social false killer whales and bottlenose dolphins form interpecies partnerships with each other during hunts to help themselves defend and avoid predators.

In the scientific community it has been widely accepted that there is a large amount of cheating by members of mutualistic partnerships. According to a new study conducted by scientists at the Nationa...
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Global Plastic Pollution Threatens Seabirds

In Cornwall, United Kingdon, a young Herring Gull, one of the many seabird affected by plastic waste in oceans, picks up debris

Plastic pollution has been an important global environmental concern for decades due to the rapid amount of plastic production and consumption. Until now, scientists have not been able to quantify the...
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The Trip That Never Ended: The Really Good, the Bad and the Ugly Faces of LSD

Art by Tarush Mohanti // Daily Nexus

Is the trip worth it? Read this account of the journey (and aftermath) before taking LSD
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Sex and Meningitis


Dr. Ali Javanbakht of UCSB's Medical Health Services gives some background on Meningitis B at UCSB.
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UCSB’s Free Speech Problem


Jason Garshfield raises the issue of UCSB's recently changed FIRE rating.
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The Man Behind the Toupee

via Brittany Ngyuen

Somehow, the Trump campaign has made its way into September, inexplicably polling ahead of all challengers in the Republican Party.
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Roommate Horror Stories

via uglyhousephotos.com

The leases are signed, the dorm placements are finalized and it’s the time of year where everyone still has naive optimism about the people they are living with.
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Pros and Cons of Summer Life at Home

via twitter.com

Summer is a time for relaxation, catching up with friends from back home and relearning how to live with your parents instead of people your own age.
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Eating the Italian Way

Lianna Nakashima/DailyNexus

One of our writers spent the summer visiting Italy and noted some differences between eating habits here in the states and eating the Roman way
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Beans! Beans! The Musical Fruit

Marisa Ratchford/Daily Nexus

Eight Layers of dip to kick start your Kickback
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Eating Around the World in San Diego

Artwork courtesy of Tarush Mohanti/Daily Nexus

San Diego is home to many different cultures that make it a great destination to visit. While you're there try some of these awesome restaurants to send your taste buds on a trip around the world.
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