UCSB Police Assist UCLA after Shooting, Boost Presence at Home


Less than 24 hours after the shooting at UCLA, six members of the UCSB Police Department arrived in Los Angeles to aid local officers.
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Interfraternity Council Did Not Bribe Voters, Committee Says

Inter-Fraternity Council president and UCSB second-year student Brendan Gonzalez listens to questions asked by AS off-campus senator Akshaya Natarajan during public comment during the AS Senate meeting at the Corwin Pavilion on Wednesday, April 27, 2016. Lorenzo Basilio / Daily Nexus

After investigating bribery allegations against the Interfraternity Council (IFC), a UC Santa Barbara committee says it has found no evidence of wrongdoing.
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UCSB Class of 2016 Looks to Life After Graduation

Graduate Students

As UC Santa Barbara’s graduating class prepares to walk the line next week, nearly 5,000 students are looking to the future for life after college.
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Summer Preparations


Dr. Ali Javanbakht shares tips for a healthy summer.
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Mourning the Revolution

Attendee holds a sign that says, "Happy Anniversary Bernie + Jane" Stephen Manga/Daily Nexus

Sebastianne Kent mourns what the Bernie Sanders campaign meant to her.
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Stop Bitching and Vote

Concerned citizens cast their ballot for candidates and propositions in the midterm election held earlier this month. Congressional candidate Tom Watson is challenging the vote results.

Nik Frey urges you to fulfill your civic duty and vote in Tuesday's primary.
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The Freak is Back

Tim Lincecum went six innings allowing only four hits and one run in his first start since 2015. Gregory Bull / Associated Press

Tim Lincecum has made his way back to the MLB and with a strong outing in his first appearance in an Angels uniform, staff writer Antonia Bird believes the Freak is back.
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2016 NBA Mock Draft

Photo courtesy of basketballinsiders.com

Prepared to tip-off this evening, the 2016 NBA Draft entail an abundance of talented prospects looking to excel at the next level. Staff writer Liam Bailey breaks down some of the potential lottery pi...
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More than a Loss

After averaging 30.1 ppg in the regular season, Curry only managed 22.6 ppg in the Finals. Mike Ehrmann / Getty Images

The game seven loss to the Cavaliers on Sunday Night was a devastating one for every Warrior fan, player, executive involved, but it most likely hurt the image of the leagues first unanimous MVP, Step...
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Artsweek Summer Movie Preview

Sierra Deak/Daily Nexus

Resident snarky/sassy/savvy film critic Alex Wehrung offers up his summer recommendations to moviegoers.
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BØRNS Talks New Album, Influences

Courtesy of James Walker

The Daily Nexus gets the scoop on the artist's inspirations and background.
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Lightning in a Bottle Gets Woogie

Courtesy of Connie Ha via The Confluence

The Nexus's outgoing Artsweek editor reflects on this famed spring music festival.
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Desalination Plant To Reopen Next Fall

Shown above is the desalination plant before it was reconstructed. Due to abundant rainfall in the winter of 1991-1992, the desalination plant was no longer needed and was put on standby. Courtesy of santabarbaraca.gov

After 23 years of inactivity, Santa Barbara City Council decided to reopen the Charles E. Meyer Desalination plant in order to relieve a stage-three drought.
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Is There Anybody Out There?

According to physics professor Philip Lubin, we now possess the technology in order to
set up a visible signal that could eventually be seen from across the entire universe.

Famed astronomer Carl Sagan once said “The universe is a pretty big place. If it’s just us, seems like an awful waste of space.”
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Environmental Conference Cuts Travel Emissions, Fosters Communication

Beginning at UCSB, the Environmental Humanities Initiative is composed of members across the arts and humanities whose main goal is to focus on pressing environmental issues.

The virtual conference, titled “Climate Change: Views from the Humanities,” features over 50 speakers contributing pre-recorded talks about diverse topics such as ecopsychology, art and poetry, fo...
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PETA Mistakes Freebirds for Poultry Activism Group, Backpedals After Seeing Nachos

courtesy of localwiki.org

Earlier this year, the group publicly endorsed the restaurant for its “pro-bird activism,” despite the fact that no member had set foot inside the establishment.
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Clinton, Sanders Drop Out of Race, Chancellor Yang Set To Run

Daily Nexus / Jasmine Vaughn

A regular superhero, Yang plans to fulfill his duties as chancellor for the remainder of the year while simultaneously running a full-fledged campaign.
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Haikus to Student Health

Nexus File Photo

A series of Haikus dedicated to the unique experience of going to Student Health.
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In Photos: Year in Review 2015-2016

Despite the lack of attendance at this year's Deltopia, students still enjoyed the first weekend of spring quarter. Lorenzo Basilio / Daily Nexus

Recapping the 2015-2016 school year through pictures from Daily Nexus photographers.
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In Photos: Extravaganza 2016

The crowd vibes to performers at Extravaganza. Stephen Manga / Daily Nexus

Thousands of students packed Harder Stadium at UCSB on Sunday for Extravaganza, UCSB's annual spring concert.
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In Photos: Lite the Nite Illuminates Isla Vista

Francisco Barrera / Daily Nexus

More than 200 students and Isla Vistans filled People's Park in Isla Vista Saturday night, playing carnival games, winning prizes and listening to the electronic thumps of multiple DJs.
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Yeah, I Like Horchata Colada!


"Summertime brings to mind a flurry of fruity, frozen alcoholic drinks for those of us who are over 21."
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The Perfect Beach Barbecue

Fransisco Barrera / Daily Nexus

" Now, this isn’t a cookie-cutter list that requires exact following of instructions, but if you loosely follow this plan, then your summer barbecue will be an Americana sanctuary"
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Spice Up the Summer with Hard Rootbeer

Kelli Filbin / Daily Nexus

"I salute those that embrace the well-defined taste, but to those of you who turn your backs on this soda-sounding, childish refreshment, it is my goal to change your mind and spice up your life!"
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