UCSB Anscombe Society Hosts Event Debating Constitutional Right of Same-Sex Marriage


The UCSB Anscombe Society, an organization advocating against same-sex marriage, hosted a debate titled “After Obergefell: The Impact on Marriage and Religious Liberty” Thursday night in the Psych...
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A.S. Senate Meets, Discusses Potential Fifth Resignation From Senate Since Last Spring

Vivian Bui / Daily Nexus

The Associated Students (A.S.) Senate met Wednesday in the Flying A room of the UCen to discuss Senator Dustin Larrazolo’s possible resignation, funding for the Anscombe Society’s debate on marria...
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‘Jewish Journeys’ Brings Michael Douglas to Speak on Anti-Semitism, More

Peiyuan Li / Daily Nexus

Michael Douglas, acclaimed actor and UCSB alumnus, and Natan Sharansky, author, activist and chair of The Jewish Agency, discussed their relationships with Judaism, anti-Semitism, activism and religio...
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Identity Crisis: The Confusions of Being an Iranian-American Woman

Leilani Leila Riahi // Daily Nexus

Leilani Riahi addresses her different identities as an Iranian-American woman.
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To Be or Not to Be… Vegan?

Tarush Mohanti // Daily Nexus

Whether you go vegan or not, it's time to become educated on what it means to eat meat.
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Male Fragility at UCSB: A Response to ‘The Failure in Feminist Studies’

Emily Zhang // Daily Nexus

Please note that my response has no connection to any of the departments that I address in this article; this is only a response to the piece posted earlier in the Daily Nexus. The feminist studies de...
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Gauchos Can’t Stop BYU, Extend Losing Streak to Three

Jenny Luo/Daily Nexus

Playing back-to-back games against No. 3 BYU, the Gauchos couldn't find an answer.
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No. 48 UCSB Able to Capture 4-2 Victory Over No. 43 Pepperdine on Sunday

Christina DeMarzo/Daily Nexus

Still on its road journey, the No. 48 UCSB men's tennis team was able to earn its second consecutive win with a 4-2 win against No. 43 Pepperdine on Sunday.
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Gauchos’ Resurgent Second Half Performance Earns 81-68 Win vs. CSUF

Stephen Manga/Daily Nexus

A total of 54 points scored in the second half helped the UCSB men's basketball team to overcome a seven-point deficit coming out of halftime. Forty-five points from the Gauchos' backcourt duo of Gab...
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Autograf To Come to SOhO

Courtesy of bandsintown.com

Future house group Autograf will be taking over SOhO Restaurant and Music Club on Feb. 11. The group is comprised of Chicago natives Jake Carpenter, Louis Kha and Mikul Wing. The three members all hai...
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“Finest Hours” Interview with Casey Affleck and Ben Pine


“The Finest Hours” premiered in theaters on Friday, Jan. 29. The film tells the story of the rescue of the S.S. Pendleton, one of the most daring rescue missions in the history of the Coast Guard....
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Sam Crane Live at the Batcave

Lorenzo Basilio / Daily Nexus

Aside from the occasional hungover student biking to the overloaded library or a bird cawing overhead, it’s quiet on campus on Sundays. Life—the buzz of students chatting with friends or bikers pe...
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Clam-tastic Solar Power Technology

Giant clams reflect white by color mixing analogous to RGB-pixelation in televisions, cell phones and other electro-optical displays. As one component of this mechanism, bright blue reflects from nano-scale structures in cells of a giant clam's epithelium.

Giant clams contain light-reflecting cells, called iridescent cells, on their exposed epithelium that allow the giant clam to reflect incoming sunlight into vivid shades of gold, blue and green. The g...
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The Search for Dark Matter


One of the greatest mysteries in modern astrophysics is dark matter. While it makes up about 80 percent of the matter in the entire Universe, its detection has eluded physicists and scientists since i...
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The Oscar of the Marine World


In the world of science, there are few honors that are significant enough to be compared to something as prestigious as an Academy Award in the film industry. One award noteworthy of paralleling this ...
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More Drink, Less Think: Drinking Games for Midterm Season

via coed.com

Stay under the influence and above the curve.
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An Ode to Sands

Nik Frey  // Daily Nexus

It’s not yet sunrise but my coffee is brewing, stoked for what’s coming, can’t wait to start cruising. “Goin’ to class?” my awakened roommate asks. “Hell no,” says I, “El Niño is he...
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11 Isla Vista Keys to Success

via pigeonsandplanes.com

DJ Khaled's keys to Isla Vista success. Bless up.
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Campus Comments: New Year’s Resolutions

Azeem X Underbelly | Batcave Sessions Season Premiere

Screenshot 2015-12-03 15.47.28

Azeem and Underbelly are back in the cave for the Season Premiere of Batcave Sessions at the Daily Nexus.
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Campus Comments: The Problems with Biking

Compus Comments Bikers image

Another episode in which students are asked what frustrates them most about their fellow peer bikers.
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San Rafael’s Food Justice Talks

Photo Courtesy of Food,Nutriiton and and Health's Facebook Page

UCSB group Food, Nutrition, and Basic Skills host an event entitled "Food Justice" and provides some great insight on our. nutrition
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Fun Facts about Football Foods


It has become an American tradition to sit in front of the TV on Super Bowl Sunday and eat away while anxiously watching the game. However, do you ever feel a little guilty when you’re sitting there...
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Jazz Up Halftime with Jambalaya

Marisa Ratchford/Daily Nexus

"On this special day, you should celebrate your own touchdown with this recipe."
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