Isla Vista’s New YMCA

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The Nexus team explores the new building of the St. George Family YMCA on Camino Del Sur.
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Buddha Bowls

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The Daily Nexus takes a look inside Buddha Bowls, IV
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What Gauchos do in the Summer

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Gauchos do some pretty awesome things in the summer. Check it out!
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Students Represent Both Sides on Pink Out Day


Potential for federal defunding of Planned Parenthood spurs on-campus representation from both sides of life issue, reproductive health education and HIV/AIDS prevention Planned Parenthood’s UCSB ch...
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Talk Highlights Military Transgender Advocacy

Shane Ortega is the first openly transgender soldier in the military and is very outspoken for trans rights. Jenny Luo/Daily Nexus

The Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity (RCSGD) and Veteran Student Services co-hosted a talk Tuesday night in the Hub featuring Shane Ortega, the first openly transgender soldier in the...
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I.V. Self-Governance Bill Approved


Student leaders are confident that moves to establish a board of local representatives for I.V. will be successful   Governor Jerry Brown signed Assemblymember Das Williams’ Isla Vista self-gov...
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UCSB Still Chasing First Conference Victory

Annie Hasselmann and Elizabeth Sheffield put up a powerful block. Dustin Harris/Daily Nexus

Despite great performances in the first set of its last two matches, the UCSB women's volleyball team has yet to end its nine-game losing streak. The Gauchos will be on the road against UC Davis tonig...
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Gauchos Determined To Overcome Home Letdown

Liam Gaughan defends the goal against his opponent. Peoyuan Li/Daily Nexus

After enduring losses to No. 4 Cal Berkeley and No. 5 Pacific in its home conference opener last weekend, the No. 6 UCSB men's water polo team prepares for its match against No. 11 UCSD in the SoCal t...
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NFL Round-Up Week 4: Cream of the Crop


Sports Editor Michael Jorgenson ranks the NFL's current undefeated teams amongst each other. With just six teams remaining, the countdown continues as to who will be the next to fall and face defeat t...
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Script To Screen: ‘American Beauty’ Screenwriter Comes to Discuss Film

Celebrating its 25th episode, the series Script to Screen excels again and brings another Oscar-winning guest in for a screening and a series of analytical questions. After bringing great names to cam...
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Tchami Ends Tour at Earl Warren Showgroudns

On the chilly evening of Oct. 3, dance music and hip-hop fans alike gathered at Earl Warren Showgrounds to see performers Too $hort and Tchami. The crowd of excited fraternity brothers and crop-top-cl...
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The Martian is Out of This….Ugh, Please Don’t Make Me Say That.

I will not deny it; writing that headline was somewhat painful. But it’s true: “The Martian,” the adaptation of Andy Weir’s novel, is pretty damn good as a matter of fortunate fact. And, even ...
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UCSB Researchers Find Possible Factor to Delay Onset of Alzheimer’s

Kenneth Kosik leads a research team to discover effects of eotaxin levels in prolonging Alzheimer's.

Although a definitive cure for Alzheimer’s is distant at this time, researchers at UCSB have discovered a possible factor important in delaying the onset of the disease. Co-authors Dr. Kenneth Kosik...
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A New Definition of ‘Cheating’

The highly social false killer whales and bottlenose dolphins form interpecies partnerships with each other during hunts to help themselves defend and avoid predators.

In the scientific community it has been widely accepted that there is a large amount of cheating by members of mutualistic partnerships. According to a new study conducted by scientists at the Nationa...
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Global Plastic Pollution Threatens Seabirds

In Cornwall, United Kingdon, a young Herring Gull, one of the many seabird affected by plastic waste in oceans, picks up debris

Plastic pollution has been an important global environmental concern for decades due to the rapid amount of plastic production and consumption. Until now, scientists have not been able to quantify the...
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An Awkward Wednesday Hump: Thursday Edition


Our first Hump of the year! Jordan Metz shares her experience with an unfortunately uncommunicative BDSM fan
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If You Can’t Skate, Don’t

Art by Arthur Nguyen // Daily Nexus

Nik Frey has something to say to everyone on campus who doesn't know what they're doing on a skateboard.
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Editorial Statement on the Umpqua Community College Shooting

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Daily Nexus Opinion co-editor Jackson Kerr shares his thoughts on gun violence in the U.S. in the aftermath of the Umpqua Community College shooting.
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The Man Behind the Toupee

via Brittany Ngyuen

Somehow, the Trump campaign has made its way into September, inexplicably polling ahead of all challengers in the Republican Party.
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Roommate Horror Stories


The leases are signed, the dorm placements are finalized and it’s the time of year where everyone still has naive optimism about the people they are living with.
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Pros and Cons of Summer Life at Home


Summer is a time for relaxation, catching up with friends from back home and relearning how to live with your parents instead of people your own age.
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Peace Love and Guacamole

Tarush Mohanti/Daily Nexus

The 29th annual Avocado Festival was last weekend and one reporter gets you the scoop or the "dip" on the best eats at the festival
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My Mother’s Cooking: Albondigas Soup

Kevin Chan/Daily Nexus

"As a former chubby kid, most of my early childhood memories are surrounded by food. I was the proudest member of the Clean Plate Club to say the least, and there was a reason for that. My mom was one...
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The Best and Worst of Carrillo’s Frozen Yogurt

Lianna Nakashima/Daily Nexus

With so many rotating options of Fro-yo at Carrillo dining Commons, On the Menu has compiled a guide to help you through your after-meal selections
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