Senate Passes Resolution To Preserve El Centro Building

El Centro Arnulfo Casillas Activity Room faced possible demolition before Associated Students Senate passed a resolution on 
Wednesday to prseerve the 40-year-old building, which is used by several different cultural organizations on campus. Stephen Manga / Daily Nexus

The Associated Students Senate passed a resolution to preserve the El Centro Arnulfo Casillas Activity Room Wednesday following concerns that the historic building would be demolished in 45 days.
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The Goings-On This Week in I.V.


Everything from the women's march to a bunny social: the Nexus summarizes this week's local going-ons.
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Where the Sidewalk Ends: Soon To Be 6700 Sabado

The project is funded by both the Santa Barbara County Community Development Block Grant Program and UCSB, and it will cost $750,000. The project aims to make Isla Vista and its roads more pedestrian-friendly. Pei Chiao Lin / Daily Nexus

Representatives from Santa Barbara County announced Thursday that the county will be installing a continuous sidewalk through Sabado Tarde Road in the spring.
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Four Benefits to Having a Liberal Arts Integrated Education System

Art by Anna Wade / Daily Nexus

Bianca Dalangin works to negotiate the relationship between liberal arts and S.T.E.M. majors.
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8 Reasons The World Needs Feminism Today

Art by Lissette Vaca / Daily Nexus

Komal Surani elaborates on the reasons why real feminism is so important today.
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January: Sleep Awareness Month

Art by Tarush Mohanti // Daily Nexus

Dr. Ali Javanbakht elaborates on Sleep Awareness Month and the importance of catching enough z's.
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Gauchos Set for Final Game of Home Stand, Host Hawaii

Taylor Farris jumps up to score a point for the Gauchos. Christina DeMarzo / Daily Nexus

The UCSB women's basketball team is set for the finale of its three-game home stand as it will face Hawaii in the Thunderdome in search of its fourth consecutive win.
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Gauchos Win Third-Straight, Stun LBSU At Home

Just outside the three-point line, Coco Miller takes a shot. Christina DeMarzo/Daily Nexus

Winning its third consecutive game, the UCSB women's basketball team improved to 8-9 and 3-1 in the Big West to tie for second in the conference standings after defeating LBSU Thursday night.
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Gauchos Host Winter Invitational to Begin New Season

Nexus File Photo

The No. 9 ranked UCSB women’s water polo team looks to continue its success of last season as it starts off the 2017 season at the annual UCSB Winter Invitational.
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5 Movies That You May Have Missed in 2016

Courtesy of IMP Awards

With the year finally over and Oscar season quickly approaching, it’s important to take a look back at some of the great films Artsweek didn’t have a chance to review, or films you maybe didn’t ...
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Dawes, Dad Rock and the Modern Meaning of Genre

Nathan Campos / Daily Nexus

Genres are, in fact, boxes; they’re compartmentalized for conveniently choosing what we want to consume in a culture constantly flooded with new music. However, some music is best created by challen...
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‘Arrival’ Makes a Smooth Landing at Pollock

Courtesy of Pollock Theater

'Arrival' stresses the coming together of people in spite of differences, the circularity and recurring connections of all things.
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Astrophysicist Reaches for and Lands in the Stars

An example of a binary star system is shown above. The system above is J0806 where two white dwarf stars orbit each other every 321 seconds. Eventually, these stars will spiral toward each other and merge, which may form a supernova. Courtesy of space.com

American Institute of Physics and American Astronomical Society recognize UCSB physics professor and director of Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics, Lars Bildsten, for his outstanding mid-career w...
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Kelp More Resilient Than Originally Thought

Courtesy of msi.ucsb.edu

As Reed's research on kelp shows the different and surprising conditions kelp can withstand, beachgoers can continue to think something is pulling them into the ocean.
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Technology Management Program Unveils Ph.D. Program

Photo Courtesy of tmp.usb.edu

In an effort to further assist the growing need of knowledge in both technological and organizational fields, the Technology Management Program at UCSB will have a Ph.D. program, debuting in Fall 2017...
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Satan Declines Invitation to Trump Inauguration

Courtesy of TMZ.com

“I was told that ‘literally Hitler’ would be sworn in. I know Hitler; he’s a good friend of mine. This guy is no Hitler; he doesn’t even have the mustache,”
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Local Gluten-Free Crossfit Trainer Takes Vow of Silence, Leaves Scientific Community Uprooted

Peyton Stotelmyre / Daily Nexus

In what will certainly go down as a cornerstone development of the 21st century, scientists at the University of Science in Siberia met Monday morning to discuss the unthinkable.
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Top 7 Internships For College Students in 2017

Courtesy of Aptech

Internships. The elusive, ever ethereal precursors to one’s midsummer night’s dream job on Mount Olympus with froyo on tap.
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In Photos: Trump Inauguration Walkout

Jenny Luo / Daily Nexus

Nearly 500 students gathered at Campbell Hall on Friday to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Students were joined by faculty, residents of Isla Vista,...
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In Photos: Snowglobe 2016


This year’s Snowglobe Festival, held in the chilly mountains of Lake Tahoe, boasted one of its most ambitious lineups yet. Lil Yachty and The Chainsmokers are two of the hottest crossover succes...
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In Photos: Students March Through Isla Vista After Trump Announced President

Pei Chiao Lin / Daily Nexus

Over a thousand UC Santa Barbara students marched through Isla Vista early Wednesday morning and gathered underneath Storke Tower, protesting the election of Donald Trump. Another rally in response to...
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Young Boy and his Poutine Dreams

Peyton Stotelmyre / Daily Nexus

"It was about two weeks into winter break when I found myself in sub-10-degree weather in the icy, northern city of Toronto"
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Culture and Cuisine: A Culinary Conversation

Natasha Tandler / daily Nexus

"With a large smile on her face, Chavon proudly told me that she makes her meals at home as much as possible [...] It was filled with gourmet foods that none of my other college friends would even dar...
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The Highs and Lows of HiWi Samples

Jenny Luo / Daily Nexus

"The menu had sat on my coffee table since last Thursday; I couldn’t shake the anticipation of trying this new and exciting restaurant"
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