UCSB Student, Hermanas Unidas Member Passes Away at 21


Marissa Chavez, who had just turned 21, was going to begin her fourth year at UCSB on Thursday. She was originally from Hawaiian Gardens, and would have been the first person in her family to graduate...
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Local Elections May Profoundly Impact I.V.

Josh Ortiz, County news Editor

Just for a moment, let’s take our eyes off the national election coverage and take a look at the election going on right here in our own backyard, an election that can most certainly affect our live...
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Campus Construction Chugs Along

Construction has extended to the intersection of Camino Corto and El Colegio, which will become a four-way intersection. Stephen Manga/Daily Nexus

Year-old construction projects are finding their ways to a close in the near future.
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Want to Change the World? Stop Flipping the Channel


Nik Frey warns against what many believe to be harmless channel flipping as a shield from the world's conflicts.
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Colin Kaepernick: A Purpose Misunderstood

Art by Sierra Deak  / Daily Nexus

Sports Editor Sean White stands with Colin Kaepernick in his call to action.
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Letter from the Editor: A Look Ahead for the Class of 2020

Class of 2020, welcome to paradise. Now that you stand at the gateway, allow me to give you a look inside what the future holds in store for you.
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No. 25 Gauchos Drop Fourth-Straight Match

Daily Nexus File Photo

Since starting the season hot out of the gates at 4-0, UCSB has now dropped its fourth straight to fall to .500 on the year after a 4-3 loss against LMU.
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Gauchos Set for Conference Opener

Daily Nexus File Photo

Concluding its non-conference schedule with a 9-4 overall record, the UCSB women's volleyball team has a difficult opponent ahead to open Big West play as it will host No. 14 Hawaii Friday night.
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UCSB Hoping to Redeem First Loss, Face LMU and Pacific

Daily Nexus File Photo

Despite its chance of entering conference play with an undefeated record ending after collecting its first loss of the season at Texas, the UCSB women's soccer team will look to build momentum for its...
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Coming Soon to a Campus Near You

Courtesy of UCSB Arts & Lectures

UCSB Arts & Lectures have a track record, and their lineup for the Fall 2016 season has a gem for every ear and eye.
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SB Bowl Upcoming Picks

Courtesy of SB Bowl

Artsweek writers preview their most anticipated shows at Nexus voters' favorite venue.
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A New Future Unveiled at Virtual Reality Cons

VRLA attendees immerse themselves in a world of color and sound at the world’s first VR rave. The performance used SubPac technology, among other new VR systems, to feel music and beats physically. Phi Do / Daily Nexus

“Most of you are here because you believe VR is the future,” declared co-founder Cosmo Scharf to a crowd of 6,000 techies early this August at the Virtual Reality Los Angeles (VRLA) Summer Expo 20...
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Competition Begets Life-Saving Innovation

Always having had a passion for inventing, Senese attended UCSB with the intention of majoring in computer science. However, Senese switched majors looking for flexibility, but his passion for building never faded. Courtesy of qualcomm.com

UCSB alumnus participates in a competition with the goal of inventing a device that relays danger.
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Cosmic Watch Brings Space Exploration to Smartphones

Initially showing Earth, Cosmic Watch allows the user to view constellations as well as zodiac positions. Depending on the user's location, Cosmic Watch will display the local time, but users also have the freedom to view times in other countries. Courtesy of Jeevan Ram

The stars and planets above us may now be easier to spot with the development of a new app, Cosmic Watch, that turns your smartphone into an interactive 3D astronomical time device. Serving as a moder...
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De-extinction: Not Just Science Fiction Anymore

While woolly mammoths are unlikely to be brought back, a more realistic option is the extinct passenger pigeon. Courtesy of abcbirds.org

As the intriguing phenomenon of de-extinction becomes less like science fiction, UCSB ecologists have published a list of basic criteria to ensure de-extinction is as beneficial and sustainable as pos...
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Week of Welcome Events That Didn’t Wow


Llamas & Lupus, Chips for Lips, and Moonlight Milk are all bygone welcome events that have come and gone on campus.
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How to Speak UCSB in 6 Easy Steps


When you go to the library, tell your friends you’re, “going to the lib.” If you want to initiate a fist bump, yell, “fist me, bro!”
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Mattress Theft On the Rise as The Chainsmokers Glorify Being an Asshole to Your Roommate

courtesy of reddit.com

One victim of theft reported "the worst part is she took the sheets, too, and I bet she doesn't even keep them pulled over the corners."
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In Photos: Second Annual Welcome to Paradise Festival

Dustin Harris / Daily Nexus

The Daily Nexus hosted the second annual Welcome to Paradise Festival on Tuesday. Students gathered in Storke Plaza to enjoy cotton candy, popcorn, henna tattoos, poetry-to-go and more. Opener Brandi ...
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In Photos: New Student Convocation 2016

Dustin Harris / Daily Nexus

On Monday, September 19, approximately 5,000 UCSB freshmen and new transfer students gathered on the Faculty Green for New Student Convocation. From there, students promptly made their way to their fi...
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In Photos: Year in Review 2015-2016

Despite the lack of attendance at this year's Deltopia, students still enjoyed the first weekend of spring quarter. Lorenzo Basilio / Daily Nexus

Recapping the 2015-2016 school year through pictures from Daily Nexus photographers.
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Take a Trip to Six Flags and Dine at the Tea Gardens

Kelsey Ferrara / Daily Nexus

"Small tables and chairs are scattered next to a beautiful garden decorated with wind chimes and bird feeders. "
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Everything You Need To Know About Brewing Coffee

Sierra Deak / Daily Nexus

The self-proclaimed bean queen has got a few words of wisdom on how to buy , grind and store your favorite cup o' joe
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The Cider Series: Return of the Fermentalist


The Fermentalist is back and and ready to taste her concoctions. Four different varieties, including a hard lemonade, make for some interesting results.
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