Women’s Center Promotes Body Positivity, Self-Love

UCSB Indus teamed up with the Women's Center to offer free henna during Love Your Body Week. Courtesy Vijay Parameswaran

Students smashed scales and stereotypes last week for the Women’s Center annual Love Your Body Week, intended to promote positive body image among women at UC Santa Barbara.
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UCSB Voter Guide 2016


Prepare for Election Day in Isla Vista with the UCSB Voter Guide.
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Activists Rally Against Recent Act of Violence in LGBTQ+ Community


A group of activists proudly wearing “No Hate on State” stickers and “Just Be You” bracelets gathered Tuesday in De La Guerra Plaza.
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Doc Is In: Healthcare and the Election

Art by Kailey Flora / Daily Nexus

UCSB Medical Director Dr. Ali Javanbakht goes through both candidates' health care plans.
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Cultured: What Does it Mean?

Art by Peyton Stotelmyre / Daily Nexus

Anjalie Tandon questions the merit of becoming cultured.
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A Case Against Isla Vista Self-Governance


Self-governance advocates have repeatedly told Isla Vista residents that all this is historic and inspiring, and if you’re not wetting your pants with enthusiasm at the thought of Isla Vista being m...
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Video Recap: Blue Green Rivalry Ends in Scoreless Draw

At the end of two overtime periods, the score was still 0-0. Dustin Harris / Daily Nexus

The Gauchos were unable to sweep Cal Poly for the first time since 2006 after failing to defeat their bitter green rival at home this past Saturday.
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UCSB With Fourth Consecutive Split Result

Megan Rice jumps to hit an outside set. Dustin Harris / Daily Nexus

Despite taking the Big West's top team in the standings in Long Beach State to five sets, the UCSB women's volleyball team fell short of an upset and endured another loss CSUN to close out the weekend...
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Back-to-Back Shutout Losses Damper UCSB’s Weekend

Shaelan Murison runs the ball towards the goal. Christina DeMarzo / Daily Nexus

For the first time this season, the UCSB women's soccer team experienced back-to-back losses in its two road matches at UC Riverside and UC Irvine.
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Arlington Laps Up a Case of James Blake

James Blake, Arlington Theatre, Oct  18th 2016. Hari Patel / Daily Nexus

The audience eagerly followed Blake’s every move as he led them through a maze of his works, both old and new. Like Blake’s music, the set was minimal yet incredibly transfixing.
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Treasure Island Fest Rains on Own Parade


While the performances themselves were phenomenal, the music festival was supremely disorganized; some of the main acts during the evening were cancelled due to rain or wind.
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Joey Alexander Trio: Prodigious

Courtesy of Adam Kissick

Alexander’s original compositions are simply inspirational. It’s more than just genius in its arrangement, it’s the notion of a 13-year-old following his dream and truly succeeding.
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Gaucho Granted 600 Grand to Continue Research

Before taking a course in microbiology with Edward DeLong, Victoria Orphan had no plans to become a microbiologist. Now a professor at Caltech, some of her research involves microbial communities in deep subsurface habitats. / courtesy of macfound.org

Gaucho alumna Victoria Orphan has recently been awarded a grant of $600,000 to continue her research of deep sea microorganisms. The creativity and future application of Orphan’s work stems from her...
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Blurring the Boundaries of the Mind


Tucked away in the Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences domicile is the University’s interdisciplinary brainchild, the S.A.G.E. Center for the Study of the Mind, where researchers are en...
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Mathematical Model To Predict Vein Growth

In order for a tumor to grow, it needs oxygen, and it obtains oxygen through the veins. Without the proper veins and oxygen, tumors would not grow beyond a certain size and not be able to spread through the body. / courtesy of nature.com

Imagine being able to predict the growth of the tumor. How about the vein growth of premature babies’ eyes? All of these applications and more can be determined with the use of a certain mathematica...
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Student Rushing Kappa Kappa Kappa Doesn’t Realize the Klan is not a Frat

Jasmine Vaughn / Daily Nexus

“They were always wearing their robes and hoods, they chanted. I thought that’s what Greek organizations did.”
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Even Sorority Sally Registered to Vote

courtesy of thechive.com

If you’re a local unregistered GDI who wants to go around bashing sorority girls, then THINK AGAIN.
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Celebratory Soccer Tortillas Recycled to Portola Dining

Tortillas always had a special place in UCSB's heart. Tortilla management has become more efficient in the past several years; now there is a special place always waiting for liberated tortillas. (Dustin Harris/Daily Nexus)

“The grass blades and dirt specks complement the lettuce and meat quite nicely,” said Portola Chef Bruno Moretti.
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In Photos: Blue-Green Rivalry Ends in Tie

Ahinga Selemani races for control of the ball. Eric Swenson / Daily Nexus

Harder Stadium filled with 11,424 people on Saturday for the Blue-Green Rivalry, breaking records as the largest crowd in the country this season for a men’s soccer game.
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In Photos: Santa Barbara and Seafood Festival 2016

A sea urchin displaying its inner worth. Jenny Luo / Daily Nexus

Last Saturday, the Santa Barbara Harbor and Seafood Festival took place in downtown SB. The harbor was packed with people wanting to get a taste of locally caught and freshly prepared seafood. Along w...
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In Photos: IV Around the World

Third-year Taylor Daoust took a helicopter to the top of Fox Glacier while studying abroad in New Zealand with fellow Gauchos Audrey Berg and Amanda Schweitzer.

Gauchos captured their favorite moments from summer travels, near and far, from right here in Isla Vista to exotic cities across continents.
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In-N-Out: The Veggie Burger Debate

Photo Courtesy of Flickr.com

A writer weighs in on the important petition to add a veggie burger to In-N-Out's menu
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Easy, Breezy and Cruelty Free

Art by Lissette Vaca / Daily Nexus

Lauren Goodman talks up the tasty upsides of a vegan diet.
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The Beer Necessities: Pints for the Park 2016

McLane Brown / Daily Nexus

"....we confidently surveyed the field of flowing taps below, ready to conquer the 2016 Santa Barbara Beer Fest"
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