Wolfe & Associates Reaches $1.65 Mil Settlement for 2013 Balcony Collapse

Photo Courtesy Robert Clayton

Five UC Santa Barbara students who were injured following a balcony collapse in April 2013 will receive $1.6 million from Wolfe & Associates rental company to compensate hospital bills and resulting i...
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The Weekly Goings-On in Isla Vista: Thanksgiving Edition


The weekly Vista Point column brings you information on Thanksgiving feasts traditional and vegan alike, and more.
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UCSB Students Stage Walkout Against Rising Tuition for 2017

Yuki Copnall / Daily Nexus

Members of the UCSB Student Activist Network called on students to walk out of class and assemble in front of Storke Tower Monday, passing out signs saying, “Hikes are for trails NOT tuition” and ...
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The Walking Dead Have it Good: Get Your Flu Shot


Dr. Ali Javanbakht reminds you to get your flu vaccine before it's too late.
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Long Distance Relationships in a Hookup Culture

Art by Kailey Flora / Daily Nexus

Cassidy Brown wants to remind you that long distance relationships can and do work.
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Letter to the Editor: UCSB, Let’s Go Veg


UCSB's Health Environment and Animal Rights Club explains why you should move to a plant-based diet.
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Gauchos Stifled at LMU, Drop Third Straight

Coco Miller starts a layup, having quickly pushed down the court after a steal. Eric Swenson / Daily Nexus

Looking to bounce back after enduring its first loss at home the game before, the UCSB women's basketball team was unable to halt its slump in a narrow 57-55 loss at LMU.
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Gauchos’ Season in Review: Women’s Volleyball

Emilia Petrachi celebrates with Devin Joos after a series of scrappy plays led to a solid kill. Eric Swenson/Daily Nexus

In a season that started with a promising beginning but experienced its inconsistencies, the UCSB women's volleyball team still managed to avenge last year's losing finish. The Gauchos concluded 2016 ...
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UCSB Prepares For Texas Invitational

Stephen Manga / Daily Nexus

UCSB swim will look to carry its momentum into the Texas Invitational after last week's performances in which the men's team finished in first place at the A3 Invitational, while the women came in thi...
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Ten Songs for the Turkey Drop


If you were a victim of the Turkey Drop, the excitement of seeing your significant other back home after months away at college turned to crying by a leftover turkey sandwich when they said it wasn’...
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21 Savage to Hit Velvet Jones

Courtesy Velvet Jones

21 Savage is young, charismatic and will not filter himself for anyone.
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Neko Case Enchants Campbell Hall


There was something pure of the way Case poured her heart into her own words, making them echo against the walls of Campbell hall with intention.
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Inspiring Photonics for the Future

F.U.S.E continues with a program for underrepresented students and their families to gain familiarity with the practice of science, its importance in education and its promise of exciting career options. / Courtesy of csep.cnsi.ucsb.edu

UCSB's Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships (CSEP) makes it a mission to introduce middle school students, especially young women, to the developing field of photonics.
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Physics Phenom: UCSB Physicist Wins 2016 Packard Fellowship

Courtesy of afylab.com

Through a simple analogy, Young describes this concept as attending a party in a long, singular hallway.
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LinkedIn: Creating (Internet) Connections

Shown above are Elizabeth Belding and her partner at the Tribal Digital Village (TDV), Matthew Rantanen. TDV created TDV Network (TDVNet) to bring internet service to 86 tribes, but with Belding's help, they are now in the stages of deployment.

Presently, fewer than 10 percent of Native Americans on tribal reservations have access to broadband internet.
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Friendship Manor Gives Up on Noise Ordinance, Throws Rager Instead

friendship manor

The drinks were flowing all night as slutty nurses spoon-fed the elderly residents Jell-O shots, and orderlies laced their oxygen tanks with dank kush.
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Professor Only Curses To Impress Freshmen


Students have claimed that his casual F-bombs and “shits” don't make his second-rate retelling of elementary school history any more interesting.
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Illegal Candle Trade in Dorms At All-Time High


“They were pleading innocent, but you could tell they were lying,” Capt. Morgan said, shaking his head. “Who would use peppermint-scented candles before Thanksgiving?"
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In Photos: Students March Through Isla Vista After Trump Announced President

Pei Chiao Lin / Daily Nexus

Over a thousand UC Santa Barbara students marched through Isla Vista early Wednesday morning and gathered underneath Storke Tower, protesting the election of Donald Trump. Another rally in response to...
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In Photos: Yangs Walkabout Ghostly Streets

Daily Nexus EIC Megan Mineiro and Chancellor Yang stop and talk with some UCPD officers on patrol. Officer Bly reminiced about his time as a student in Isla Vista. Dustin Harris / Daily Nexus

Chancellor Henry T. Yang and Dilling Yang joined Daily Nexus editor in chief Megan Mineiro on Monday for a walkabout Isla Vista. The Yangs accompany the Nexus each year to talk with students about...
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In Photos: Blue-Green Rivalry Ends in Tie

Ahinga Selemani races for control of the ball. Eric Swenson / Daily Nexus

Harder Stadium filled with 11,424 people on Saturday for the Blue-Green Rivalry, breaking records as the largest crowd in the country this season for a men’s soccer game.
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Bulking up for Black Friday


Use these tips to make sure your o your A-game when you're robbing soccer moms of there blowout deals
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Coping Mechanisms for Your Family This Thanksgiving


Recipes to numb you from the disaster that is your family
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Sustainable Eating With The Farmbox Collective


"Joining a CSA is a perfect way to do your part to help the environment while getting delicious and nutritious benefits in return."
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