AB 3 Isla Vista Self-Governance Explained

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Isla Vista’s New YMCA

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The Nexus team explores the new building of the St. George Family YMCA on Camino Del Sur.
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Buddha Bowls

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The Daily Nexus takes a look inside Buddha Bowls, I.V.
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UCSB Hosts Ecosocialism Conference in Girvetz

Peiyuan Li/Daily Nexus

System Change not Climate Change (SCNCC), an ecosocialists organization, hosted the “21st Century Ecosocialism Conference” in Girvetz Hall this weekend to discuss potential solutions to the climat...
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Regents’ Avi Oved Puts Forth Initiative To Increase Student Representation on UC Board of Regents

Lorenzo Basilio/Daily Nexus

University of California Student Regent Abraham “Avi” Oved has been working with students and organizations across the UC to add a Student Regent Adviser position as part of his Shared Governance ...
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UCSB Staff and Students Share Opinions on Newly Passed California Fair Pay Act

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Governor Jerry Brown signed Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson’s California Fair Pay Act (SB 358) into law this Wednesday. SB 358, which takes effect in January, prohibits California employers from paying ...
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Another Winner From DePuy Keeps Perfect Conf. Start Alive for No. 13 UCSB

Nick Depuy speeds the ball up the field. Jenny Luo/Daily Nexus

Make it five straight wins for the Gauchos as Nick DePuy provides another classic moment late against Cal State Fullerton.
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LBSU Ends Gauchos’ Three-Game Win Streak

Angelisa Cortez charges toward the goal. Christina DeMarzo/Daily Nexus

UCSB gets shutout for the first time in 11 games as it falls to the 49ers.
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Defending Conference Champs Shine at UCSB Classic

Playing in a singles match against his own teammate, Teague Hamilton hits the ball over the net. Christina DeMarzo/Daily Nexus

The defending Big West champs saw their first action of the new year at home this past weekend.
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Wild Child Rocks and Max Frost Rock SOhO

McLane Brown / Daily Nexus

Tucked away from plain sight on State Street, SOhO Restaurant and Music Club guests could be heard rocking out before Wild Child’s Friday night event, starting at 9 p.m. SOhO’s convenient layout m...
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Treasure Island Festival to Bring Big Festival Vibe to Small San Francisco

Courtesy of sf.funcheap.com

A festival with no scheduling conflicts?! If you’ve ever attended a music festival, you understand why that phrase seems to be an even bigger oxymoron than jumbo shrimp. If you’ve never been to on...
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‘Spirit of India’ Brings Santa Barbara Closer to Indian Culture

Courtesy of mayoarts.org

The startling yet welcome sound of children’s laughter mixed with the chuckles of the adult audience members in Campbell Hall at “Spirit of India,” performed by the Bollywood Masala Orchestra an...
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Newly Discovered Parasite Named After UCSB Professor

Alejandra Jaramillo (bottom) made the discovery during her ongoing research on parasites in the lab of Armand Kuris.

You may see Armand Kuris, parasitologist and professor in the Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology department, wearing a new T-shirt, which has a picture of the new discovered fish parasite, Chlorom...
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Researchers Develop Improved Method To Screen for Neural Toxicity

Neural constructs of neurons (green) and nuclei (blue) resembling the human brain are developed in P.E.G. hydrogels prior to experimentation.

Traditional methods for testing neural toxicity have often been costly and, at times, failed to detect certain compounds toxic to the brain. However, researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison, ...
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UCSB Researchers Find Possible Factor to Delay Onset of Alzheimer’s

Kenneth Kosik leads a research team to discover effects of eotaxin levels in prolonging Alzheimer's.

Although a definitive cure for Alzheimer’s is distant at this time, researchers at UCSB have discovered a possible factor important in delaying the onset of the disease. Co-authors Dr. Kenneth Kosik...
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My Students, Our Future

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“You’re only here because of affirmative action.” Those words, spoken several years ago to me by a UCSB peer I didn’t know well, stay with me to this day. Although it was certainly not the fir...
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The Role of College: How Important is the Ivory Tower?

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As the cost and expectations of higher education shift, Sabrina Hodjati asks what role UCSB should play in the changing college landscape.
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An Awkward Wednesday Hump: Thursday Edition


Our first Hump of the year! Jordan Metz shares her experience with an unfortunately uncommunicative BDSM fan
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10 Funniest Free & For Sale Posts

via theodysseyonline.com

No school’s Facebook group offers as much diversity in its posts as the UCSB Free & For Sale page. If you’re getting rid of an old beach cruiser, in the market for some gently used furniture o...
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The Man Behind the Toupee

via Brittany Ngyuen

Somehow, the Trump campaign has made its way into September, inexplicably polling ahead of all challengers in the Republican Party.
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Roommate Horror Stories

via uglyhousephotos.com

The leases are signed, the dorm placements are finalized and it’s the time of year where everyone still has naive optimism about the people they are living with.
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Peace Love and Guacamole

Tarush Mohanti/Daily Nexus

The 29th annual Avocado Festival was last weekend and one reporter gets you the scoop or the "dip" on the best eats at the festival
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My Mother’s Cooking: Albondigas Soup

Kevin Chan/Daily Nexus

"As a former chubby kid, most of my early childhood memories are surrounded by food. I was the proudest member of the Clean Plate Club to say the least, and there was a reason for that. My mom was one...
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The Best and Worst of Carrillo’s Frozen Yogurt

Lianna Nakashima/Daily Nexus

With so many rotating options of Fro-yo at Carrillo dining Commons, On the Menu has compiled a guide to help you through your after-meal selections
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