May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage month. What better way to celebrate than by blasting songs from some of this year’s top Asian and AAPI artists!


2023 was undeniably the year of Icelandic singer-songwriter Laufey. Though she has been a familiar name since the release of viral songs like “Let You Break My Heart Again” in 2021 and “Falling Behind” in 2022, her 2023 album “Bewitched” earned her this year’s Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. Her jazz-inspired compositions, combined with heartachingly wistful (and relatable) lyrics, bridge classical music and the modern pop scene, which is evident through her concerts featuring philharmonic orchestras. With this unique signature style, it’s no wonder that Laufey’s discography continues to enchant or induce therapeutic crying sessions. Unfortunately, there is no in between.

Olivia Rodrigo

Following her successful debut album “SOUR” in 2021, Rodrigo packs a punch yet again with her 2023 sophomore album “GUTS,” where she delivers track after track, unapologetic scream-your-heart-out pop anthems. Currently performing her GUTS World Tour, Rodrigo is in her element more than ever — her stage presence embodying the over-the-top, chaotic all-caps energy of her songs. Really, it’s Olivia’s world, we’re just living in it.

Le Sserafim

Despite debuting just two years ago, five-member girl group Le Sserafim has become a powerhouse in the Korean pop (K-pop) industry, gaining international fame with constantly trendy songs like “Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard’s wife” and “Perfect Night” that have become staples for the latest social media dance challenges. Charismatic and versatile, they have no trouble pulling off the confident, the badass or the elegant. Their well-deserved virality landed them a set this year at Coachella, making them the fourth K-pop girl group to ever perform there.

Conan Gray

2024 marks the release of Gray’s third studio album, “Found Heaven.” The pop icon that he is, Gray manages to yet again craft tracks that make you want to either scream into your hairbrush or lie on the floor in shambles. While his explosive hits “Maniac” and “Heather” launched his early career, Gray is clearly still on a meteoric rise with popular favorites like “Alley Rose.” He is set to begin his fifth tour in July.


From bedroom covers to one of the most distinctive voices in bedroom pop today, grentperez has climbed the charts with hits like “Cherry Wine” and more recently from his latest album, “Old With You.” Paired with his self-composed dreamy melodies, grentperez’s warm vocals create time capsules out of song, leaving listeners reminiscing and hitting replay. A splash of indie pop here and a splash of R&B there, grentperez is always experimenting, but something about his artistry always remains timeless.


No one breaks boundaries in the music industry as heartbreakingly tender and raw as Mitski. Gentle but strong, rich yet yearningly melancholic, Mitski’s voice is the type that swells and fills the room until it slowly but surely takes all your breath away. No song better encapsulates that signature Mitski sound than her top song of 2023, “My Love Mine All Mine,” that has moved the hearts of listeners across the world.


One of the most internationally acclaimed artists at the forefront of Japanese pop today, this compelling duo pushes the limits of music as a storytelling medium. Producer Ayase and singer Ikura join together to create songs inspired by existing literary works. With their immense success, they have collaborated to produce and perform songs for organizations and shows, most notably the hard-hitting, deceptively upbeat theme song “Idol” from the anime “Oshi no Ko” that arguably launched them to international stardom with its sensationally viral dance challenge. In 2024 alone, they have performed for Coachella and concluded their first overseas tour in late January.


Based in Bangkok, James Alyn Wee and Karn Kasidej are the minds and silky vocals behind the R&B unit HYBS. While their discography spans from 2021, the virality of their 2023 song “Tip Toe” directed growing attention towards their previous releases as well, which possess the same reassuringly lax tone coupled with smooth, suave beats. HYBS disbanded in early 2024, but their music remains beloved by fans and new listeners alike.


Bold and experimental, BIBI writes from the soul. Though her releases vastly range from Korean R&B to ballads, BIBI’s self-compositions always capture the full intensity of her thoughts and emotions. The authenticity of her lyricism against her distinctively sultry vocals have drawn a global fanbase mesmerized by her duality — commanding and powerful in her 2022 hit “BIBI Vengeance,” charmingly sweet and innocent in her viral 2024 release “Bam Yang Gang.”

Luke Chiang

After a five-year hiatus and a battle against laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR), Chiang returned to the music scene this April with his single “Never Tell.” His songwriting is stirring as ever, imbued with his trademark subtle, melancholic touch but lingering with hope and tenderness all the same. “Some things never change,” Chiang sings in “Never Tell.” With his heartfelt recording, it’s truly as if no time has passed from 2019.