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In honor of Mother’s Day, the Daily Nexus staff asked their moms what their favorite movies are. Here’s what they said:

Amy Dixon (Lucy’s mom) — “Little Women” (2019)

Courtesy of Sony Pictures

My mom’s favorite movie is “Little Women,” directed by Greta Gerwig. She read and adored the book growing up, and being one of seven children she related to the “big poor family” trope. She owned and loved the 1994 adaptation, but Gerwig’s version surprised her with how much she liked it. “I love it so much because I know it inspires my girls too.” 

– Lucy Dixon, Staff Writer

Cyndi Chiou (Lauren’s mom) — “Love Actually” (2003)

Courtesy of Universal

My mom’s favorite movie is “Love Actually,” a British holiday ensemble film. It seems random, but I have never met anyone as passionate about this movie as her. We watch it every winter as a family, sometimes twice, and it is a hit every time. When asked why it’s her favorite, she explained, “[‘Love Actually’] has everything I love in a movie — romance, comedy, Christmas, a wedding, British people, great music, someone racing to the airport for love, Hugh Grant dancing and a good cry.” In my opinion, the best thing about “Love Actually” is that it is full of heart, just like my mom.

– Lauren Chiou, Artsweek Editor

Kelly Mullin (Stella’s mom) — “Footloose” (1984)

Courtesy of Paramount Pictures

If there is one thing to know about my mom, it is that she loves to dance more than anything in this world. In the car, watching television, eating dinner, she is always doing some type of dance move. So I was not surprised that her favorite movie is “Footloose.” She told me the movie “reminds me to live it up by breaking a rule or two, and of course never let a day go by without doing a little dance step.”

– Stella Mullin, Artsweek Editor

Melissa Young (Alicia’s mom) — “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” (1989)

Courtesy of IMDb

One thing my mom wants you to know about her favorite movie, “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” is that Keanu Reeves is in almost every scene. As a school district contractor, she laughs at the film’s message that “you can procrastinate, do one project in lieu of all the other assignments and pass the class,” but delights in the “educational” introduction of historical figures like Sigmund Freud and Abraham Lincoln. Though I have a personal aversion to “old” movies and haven’t seen it, my mom insists that this sci-fi comedy is the best.

– Alicia Siebers, Copy Editor

Guillermina Cisneros (Michelle’s mom) — “Home Alone” (1990)

Courtesy of Alamy Stock Photo

My mom’s favorite movie is “Home Alone.” Coincidentally released the same year she immigrated to the U.S., “Home Alone” has always been a source of joy for her. She first saw it on VHS with my older brother and has loved it ever since for its slapstick comedy and charming actors. In her own words, “Hacen muchas cosas divertidas y [Kevin] se defiende solo,” which translates to “They do a lot of fun things and [Kevin] defends himself.”

– Michelle Cisneros, Assistant News Editor

Guadalupe Morales (Mayam’s mom) — “The Princess and The Frog” (2009)

Courtesy of Disney Movies

When asked what her favorite movie is, my mom laughed knowing I already knew the answer. In her tender Spanish voice, she said, “The Princess and The Frog.” As an immigrant and single mom, she identifies with Tiana’s ambitions to overcome her circumstances and build her dream restaurant despite the challenges. She said seeing a woman work so hard to gain her “happily ever after” inspires her to push through the challenges of life.

– Mayam Mejia, Reporter

Penelope Kramer (Zack’s mom) — “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1961)

Courtesy of Jurow-Shepherd

If I go downstairs when I’m home on any given Sunday, I can be guaranteed to find my mom, my perfect amazing mom, watching an old movie: sometimes black-and-white, but never a silent film (phew). Her favorite, however, is “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” even though we should probably read the book together someday. The film is opulent, regal, poised and timeless, just like my mom. So, watch it with your mom and remind her how perfect she is this Mother’s Day too!

– Zachery Kramer, Staff Writer