1. Not apart, especially on the day you celebrate Mom
5. What Mom might wish to be on a lazy Sunday morning
9. Explored through family stories and history
10. Furry friend that might bring Mom joy
12. Your Mom is usually present, either live or in spirit when you tie the ____
13. A common favorite sweet treat to gift on Mother’s Day
15. Term of endearment often used by mothers
17. Respect and admiration expressed toward Mom on Mother’s Day
19. A place for pickups, often involving gifts or supplies
20. Daydream filled with happy memories of Mom
23. If your mother is a __________, you should gift her [13 Across]
25. Footwear that Mom might enjoy shopping from
28. Recipients of mom's invaluable life lessons and guidance
29. Buds and flourishes, just as plants do in spring
30. Like a mother’s unconditional love, often incomparable anywhere else
31. How children often feel about their moms, especially when young


1. A word of gratitude, often repeated
2. Mothers of many species of this reptile guard their eggs until they [26 Down]
3. Something Mom often has a long list of
4. Close enough to hear the usual “Mom!” calls
6. Mothers usually take care of their children since they were _____
7. Your mother is responsible for your _________
8. What mothers feel when surrounded by loved ones
11. Often what moms endure with a smile
14. What mothers try to give in raising their children
15. Mom is usually the first _________ in our lives
16. Something cold, but nothing compared to Mom's warm hugs
17. What many children see their Mom as
18. A vital role played by mothers, both formally and informally
20. An area in the home, often reflecting the spirit of the one who decorates it
21. Often jokingly said about Mom when she's enjoying a well-deserved pampering session
22. Playfully mocked by siblings
24. Like mom's pride displayed for all to see on her special day
26. A broody hen will sit on her eggs for approximately three weeks until they _____ and her children are born
27. Address for “mother” commonly used by people who speak Malayalam or Tamil

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