1. European country whose flag contains red, white and blue vertical stripes
5. The state of being equal
10. Foreshadowing evil
11. Large area of flat or rolling, grassy land typically located in the Mississippi Valley
12. Famous Universal Pictures shark movie
13. Segmented worm parasite
15. Competition to see who or what is the fastest
17. Line closed at one end and pointing straight indefinitely in the other
19. Radio word that signals distress
21. Microorganism that can only live and grow in the presence of air or free oxygen
22. Adjective commonly used to describe the act of controlling a horse
23. People who jump off surfaces to enter the water
25. Courageous and brave
28. Oldest stock exchange in Asia, for short
30. Scarce and infrequent
31. Whole or complete
32. First name of famous Russian composer who created the “The Rite Of Spring”
35. Company that developed Pokémon Go
36. Equal distribution of weight
37. Protective head covering usually worn when biking
38. Main meal usually eaten during evening or night


2. System of tracks where trains travel
3. Slang for a new, inexperienced gamer
4. Holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ
5. Office of the Pope
6. Surface where cars travel
7. Twisting force of nature
8. Impasse or deadlock
9. Peacefully calm
14. Oscar Wilde wrote “The Importance of Being _______”
16. First name of singers Manilow or White
18. Pertaining to law
20. Affirmative response
21. Common conjunction
23. Boldly courageous
24. Famous Italian fashion house
26. Naive young woman, often in drama
27. Plot for plants
28. Small North American wildcat
29. Earbud
33. Smallest particle of an element
34. First name of the man who helped decode German Enigma machines during World War II

This crossword was corrected on May 6, 2024 to reflect that the clue for 22 Across should be “Adjective commonly used to describe the act of controlling a horse” rather than “Adjective commonly used to describe current sports champions” and acknowledge that 23 Down and 25 Across have the same answer.


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