The Nexus will update this page with live results from the Associated Students Election, which will be released in person at the UCen Hub at 4 p.m.

The full preliminary ballot can be found here.

President: Nayali Broadway

Internal Vice President: Acucar Pinto

External Vice President — Local Affairs: Owen Meyers

External Vice President — Statewide Affairs: Monica Mekhlouf

Student Advocate General: Alvin Wang

There are no constitutional amendments on the ballot this year. 


  • Composting Program/Department of Public Worms: Yes
  • Finance Board/Student Organization Program Funding: Yes
  • IV Arts: Yes
  • Program Board: Yes
  • Trans and Queer Commission: Yes
  • United States Students Association: Yes

Fee Initiatives: 

  • Commission on Disability Equity: Yes
  • Global Gaucho Commission: Yes

A.S. Senatorial Candidates

Transfer Senator (1 seat available)

  • Isabella McClintock

On-Campus Senator (5 seats available)

  • Alexander Aramnula
  • Joshua Medeiros

Off-Campus Senator (12 seats available)

  • Caroline Lankarani
  • Dominic Wang
  • Daniyal “Dan” Siddiqui
  • Eemaan Wahidullah
  • Paolo Brinderson
  • Taylor Iden
  • Leiya Kadah
  • Enri Lala
  • Yasmine Suuck
  • Jasmine Amin
  • Levi Corlew
  • Dalia Gerson

Collegiate Senator – Letters & Science (4 seats available)

  • Alexa Butler 
  • Noura Elkhatib
  • Leah Khorsandi
  • Alejandra Martinez

University Owned Off-Campus Senator (1 seat available)

  • Mariana Rosillo

International Senator (2 seats available)

  • Sandhya “Sandy” Ganesh
  • Ella Yu

Collegiate Senator – Engineering (1 seat available)

  • Aryaman Singh

Collegiate Senator – Creative Studies (1 seat available)