UC Regents announce Richard Lyons as next UC Berkeley Chancellor

UC Berkeley announced Richard Lyons, UC Berkeley alum and former dean of the Haas School of Business, as its next chancellor on April 10.

Current Chancellor Carol Christ announced her retirement last year and will be stepping down on July 1. Christ served as chancellor since 2017.

Lyons previously served as the dean of the Haas School of Business from 2008 to 2018 and later became UC Berkeley’s first chief innovation and entrepreneurship officer in 2020. 

“My goal as a leader then, and now, is to facilitate and sustain a culture that supports diversity of perspective, provides every student with a true sense of belonging and encourages educational innovation,” Lyons said to Berkeley News.

UC Berkeley professor grabs pro-Palestine protester at law school dinner

Berkeley professor Catherine Fisk grabbed the shoulder and cell phone of Malak Afaneh, co-president of Berkeley Law Students for Justice in Palestine (LSJP), at a law school dinner hosted by Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, according to The Daily Californian.

Afaneh intended to speak about Palestinian struggles in the Israel-Hamas war, but as she began to speak, Fisk — Chemerinsky’s wife — grabbed Afaneh’s phone and wrapped an arm around her shoulder while shouting, “This is not your house!” Chemerinsky also yelled, “You are guests in our house!” 

The dinner was part of a series that Chemerinsky annually offers to the 1L class, according to The Daily Californian. Posters calling for a boycott of the dinner were posted online by Berkeley LSJP and on campus, stating, “NO DINNER WITH ZIONIST CHEM WHILE GAZA STARVES!”

In an Instagram post obtained by The Daily Californian, Afaneh said she only read the beginning of her speech, noting that the dinner coincided with the last night of Ramadan, before being stopped by Fisk.

“I was attacked not for speaking out about Palestine, but simply being a visibly Muslim woman,” Afaneh alleged in an Instagram story obtained by The Daily Californian. “I will never stop talking about Palestine or organizing.”

Chemerinsky described the altercation as an attempt to take her microphone in an online statement. He added that his home is “not a forum for free speech” and said the dinners on April 10 and 11 would continue with security present.

“I am enormously sad that we have students who are so rude as to come into my home, in my backyard, and use this social occasion for their political agenda,” the statement read.


Sindhu Ananthavel
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