The backyard fence of 6641 Del Playa Drive collapsed into the bluffs on April 1. The property owner, St. George & Associates, replaced the fence and inspected the cliff later that same day, determining that the dwelling “is not in any danger.”

Fourth-year environmental studies and cultural anthropology double major Emily Zomoroudi is one of the tenants of the property and only knew of her fence collapsing after returning from spring break on April 1. One of Zomoroudi’s housemates witnessed the fence falling on April 1.

“I walked up to the window and I [saw] the caution tape,” Zomoroudi said. 

St. George & Associates emailed the tenants of 6641 Del Playa Drive (DP) on April 5 following five days of allegedly no communication regarding the collapse. Emily Zomoroudi / Daily Nexus

St. George & Associates emailed the tenants of 6641 Del Playa Drive (DP) on April 5 following five days of allegedly no communication regarding the collapse. 

“As you’re aware, the ocean took your backyard fence recently,” St. George & Associates Maintenance Coordinator L. Williamson said in the email. “Many of the homes in the area do not have backyards, so we are fortunate to have one at this beautiful property.” 

“We are working with the local authorities, including the county & UCSB to help ensure your safety and the safety of this property,” the email continued. 

Zomoroudi noted the lack of immediate correspondence from the leasing company on the fence, considering St. George & Associates fixed it the same day. Santa Barbara County Fire Department Public Information Officer Scott Safechuck said no personnel were on duty for the incident. 

“No emails, nothing. Nothing that I know about at least,” she said. 

“I feel like they might find a way to take our security deposits from what’s been happening, but we haven’t been fined, as far as I know, for this construction,” Zomoroudi continued.

Zomoroudi hopes that Isla Vista leasing companies owning DP properties will be more “proactive rather than reactive” with such collapses due to cliff erosion. 

“I feel like a lot of the fixes they make are very reactive rather than proactive and I honestly am glad I’m a senior and not staying at this property,” she said. “I would not feel safe living on DP past this year.” 

With housing costs being some of the highest in Isla Vista along DP Drive, Zomoroudi expressed frustration on such incidents instilling extra stress in the properties’ student tenants. 

“We’re paying for the crazy cost of living and all the stuff that we’re expected to deal with as students … having this extra stress has not really helped us out,” she said. 

The property was not determined as an at-risk property ahead of the February storms — a warning given by the county and discussed during the Feb. 13 Board of Supervisors meeting. 

“I feel like we as tenants have the right to know what exactly has happened or what’s going to happen in the future,” Zomoroudi said. “And I had no correspondence with that. I just have to rely on word of mouth and housemates.” 

St. George & Associates did not respond to request for comment. 


Asumi Shuda
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