UC Santa Barbara’s Associated Students Elections Board released a petition to recall Associated Students President Tessa Veksler, on behalf of an unidentified petitioner, on March 17.

An Instagram account under the username @recalltessaveksler posted on March 6 calling for Veksler’s recall / Daily Nexus File Photo

The petition did not explicitly state the reasons for her recall but comes after criticism on social media over Veksler’s leadership following the closure of the MultiCultural Center (MCC) after pro-Palestine and anti-Zionist signage was posted at the site on Feb. 26, some of which dissented against the fourth-year political science and communication double major and Associated Student (A.S.) president.

Veksler did not respond for comment on the petition’s release.

Following the gathering, MCC staff and student staff were doxxed; the University, MCC affiliates and the Department of Black Studies released statements; a graduate student announced a hunger strike; and the Department of Black Studies held a day of interruption on March 7. 

The petition requires 10% of the previous year’s election voters to sign to be presented to the A.S. Senate — 327 signatures according to last year’s turnout. The Senate will then vote on whether or not to ratify the petition, according to A.S. By-Laws Article XVIII Section 16. If it is ratified, they will then vote on whether or not to hold a special recall election.

The names of the student sponsors are currently private but will be public record if the petition gains enough signatures to be presented to the Senate, according to A.S. Elections Board Chair Cesar Castillo.

An Instagram account under the username @recalltessaveksler posted on March 6, calling for her recall. The post alleged that the course of her term increased division and harassment among students and that she has directly contributed to the doxxing of community members.

The account’s owners did not respond for comment on their identity or the recall petition.

“Under UCSB A.S. President Tessa Veksler’s [reign], we have seen unprecedented levels of division and tension on campus. Her inflammatory rhetoric has directly contributed to the rise in bullying, intimidation, and harassment of students,” the post read. 

“Her actions, which include doxxing of outspoken community members and innocent bystanders, have endangered her constituents,” the post continued. “Her inactions, which include a failure to properly condemn racism and Islamophobia on campus, fly in the face of her campaign promise to ‘Amplify student voices to the university, especially marginalized and under-represented groups.’”

The post further alleged that she “strategically” failed to appoint an elections board chairperson and general members to halt a recall election. Castillo said his appointment was ratified on Feb. 28, in a statement to the Nexus. Castillo said there are still three general member vacancies and a vice chair vacancy.

“As chair, I will be conducting interviews to fill general member vacancies in the next few weeks. The Committee on Committees and the President have control over the vice chair appointment process,” the statement read.

The petitioner has four weeks to collect signatures, and the Elections Board is discussing when results will be publicized. Historically, A.S. elections have occurred at the end of April, and the form to declare candidacy in the 2024 election is open.

The Nexus will continue reporting on this issue as more information becomes available.


Sindhu Ananthavel
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