Santa Barbara County is monitoring at-risk bluff side properties on Del Playa Drive due to forecasted rains this week.

Santa Barbara experienced storm conditions the weekend of Feb. 3

The National Weather Service forecasted heavy rain starting Sunday night through Wednesday morning and issued a flood watch throughout that period. Rainfall may also continue through Thursday. Evacuation orders were issued for properties in the Thomas, Cave and Alisal Fire burn areas, properties in the vicinity of Sycamore Creek and properties in the vicinity of Mission Creek.

Due to heavy rain and high tide there is a high risk for bluff erosion, according to a county statement

The county is monitoring the following properties on Del Playa due to bluff failure on the property or potential for bluff failure: 6595, 6613, 6619, 6645, 6653, 6663, 6701, 6703, 6741, 6743, 6745, 6747, 6757, 6761, 6765 and 67567. 

The county is recommending residents of the listed properties to not go out on the bluffs or bluff top decks or patios. 

As of Sunday, Feb. 18, no one in the listed properties has vacated the premises, the Santa Barbara County (SBC) Planning & Development team told the Nexus in a statement.  However, UC Santa Barbara plans to provide alternative housing options if a property is red-tagged and vacated.

The county monitors properties that have geo-technical reports due to the proximity of the structures to the bluff edge. We also monitor the bluffs in general so we can assess impact of storms and high tides,” the county statement read.

Santa Barbara experienced storm conditions the weekend of Feb. 3, resulting in the evacuation of residents from four units in the 6700 block on Feb. 6 after severe fence damage. 

The Nexus will continue reporting on storm conditions as they progress.


Sindhu Ananthavel
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